Billionaire God of War Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181

Dalton had never felt so humiliated before.

“Chairman, what do we do now?” The leader of the Snakes gritted his teeth, and he was so angry that even his voice trembled.

He had lost contact with the three men he sent out and he feared the worst.

He never expected that the route he had hidden away for so many years could be uncovered. Very few people in Kings Sect knew about this route, much less anyone back home. So how did Ethan know about it?

They weren’t just unable to return, but any information on themselves were all exposed. No matter who it was or which identity they used, it was like they were walking around naked in front of Ethan and they couldn’t hide any part of themselves at all.

That was seriously too terrifying.

Dalton’s expression was furious as he sat on his chair and gripped the armrests tightly.

He was really afraid that he might throw everything aside just to go back and kill Ethan.

But he knew that he couldn’t return either. Even if he did, he would only meet with Ethan waiting to kill him.

Ethan was just a young man!

A young man whom he had never even seen before.

And he had actually caused the Moore family and Kings Sect to embarrass themselves so easily.

“Do you know what other people are saying about Kings Sect? They say that we’re useless, that we’re being barred from entering the country and we aren’t even capable of returning!”

“We were forced to come overseas and now we’re forced to remain overseas too? Why should we? We’re not the same Kings Sect as we were twenty years ago!”

“Kings Sect’s old address has been transformed into a farm, so Ethan is calling us animals! If he doesn’t die, then all the brothers within the sect are going to rebel!”


All the leaders continued to argue and shout.

The noisier they were, the more frustrated Dalton became.

“Enough!” Dalton roared and the entire hall quietened down.

Nobody dared to speak anymore and turned to look at Dalton.

“Hasn’t Kings Sect embarrassed itself enough? What are all of you arguing about?” he roared angrily.

First it was the Moore family assets that got attacked and destroyed, which completely cut off anything the Moore family could rely on if they returned to China. And now it was a direct attack on Kings Sect.

Ethan was a real vicious character!

He knew that Ethan was targeting the Moore family, and it had started ever since Palmer Group’s first brush with L’Oreal.

Then after Ethan found out that some of the wild mines in the northwest also belonged to the Moore family, he started to make a move.

“Since we can’t go back, then Palmer Group can forget about coming out!” He scoffed, “I, Dalton, can afford to lose some reputation, and Kings Sect can too!”

They had embarrassed themselves twenty years ago.

He thought that after twenty years of development, they could now stand up and retaliate. But instead, they ended up kneeling at Ethan’s feet again.

Of course Dalton had heard all the nasty comments from others. He just pretended not to hear them and let them say all those sarcastic remarks. But so what?

If Palmer Group wanted to enter the overseas market, then they had to ask Dalton for permission first!

He was going to admit defeat but not to Ethan, because he knew that Ethan alone couldn’t possibly do this much. It was His Lordship, that man who controlled Hidden Sect.

He was the difficult one to deal with!

“Chairman…” Some of them couldn’t bear to give up now. That would make them the laughingstock of so many people.

“You’ve already lost all this reputation and you want to get it back?” Dalton stared at them. “Get ready. Palmer Group is headed overseas soon or later and so is Ethan. We’re going to settle this feud when that happens!”

The leaders immediately became anxious when they heard this.

Dalton was going to admit defeat!

The chairman of the almighty Kings Sect was going to admit defeat to a young punk like Ethan?

If word of this went out, then they would really be too embarrassed to return to China.


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