Billionaire God of War Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182


“Please think twice, Chairman!”

“We can’t admit defeat! If you give in now, how can we ever recover from it?”

All of them started shouting immediately.

“Shut up!” said Dalton angrily. He roared, “If we can’t admit defeat, then why don’t you kill him? If any of you can kill him, I will resign and make you the Chairman!”

Then he stood up with an almost twisted expression on his face.

In terms of losses, the Moore family was the one that suffered the most significant losses. All the Moore family’s businesses in the country and their plans were completely ruined!

Dalton didn’t say a word. He sneered as he stormed right out of the room.

The other leaders looked at each other. They wanted to speak but didn’t know where to start.

Give in to Ethan?

The King sect had been operating overseas for 20 years. They had a secure foothold overseas and a hard-earned reputation. But Ethan cracked down on them hard and pushed them to rock bottom.

They didn’t expect Dalton to concede defeat and give up on returning to their homeland.

That was such immense humiliation!

Dalton didn’t want to do it either.

But he knew there was no choice but to give up, at least for the time being.

Now that Kings Sect’s members’ list was exposed, he raised his vigilance immediately. His Lordship probably wasn’t the only person who was after the Kings Sect. Ethan wanted to get them too.

So did the L’Oreal family!

He was surrounded on three fronts, and it was a tough situation to escape.

Dalton walked out of the building. There wasn’t a soul in sight in the dimly lit streets as the driver drove over steadily.

“To the estate,” said Dalton after opening the car door. But as he got into the car, a cold wave of air suddenly gushed from behind!

“Hmph! He wants to die!”

Dalton turned without a thought. He threw the first punch, and it instantly came into contact with another fist!

The tremendous force made him move back and hold the car for support with one hand, making the car shake even.

A man dressed in black stood in front of Dalton. An icy cold stare radiated from under his mask!

“Cillian!” yelled Dalton sternly.

Dalton knew just by looking at his eyes that it was Cillian even without seeing his face!

He just knew it! He wasn’t dead!


Cillian didn’t say a word. He punched Dalton angrily over and over again like a madman.

In an instant, the two exchanged dozens of moves!

“It really is you! It really is you!” roared Dalton, “Do you hate me? Do you hate me? Hahahaha!”

He already guessed that Cillian might have learned the truth, so he deliberately sent Cillian on a suicidal mission to the north!

“I was involved in the death of your woman, but you slogged for the Moore family for two decades. Don’t you hate me?” said Dalton deliberately. Although Cillan remained silent, his attacks became more and more ferocious.

Their fight was incredibly intense. The leaders’ expressions altered when they hurried over upon hearing the commotion.

Although they were aware of Dalton’s prowess, they didn’t expect him to be this powerful!

Their punches met again. Instantly, Cillian retreated a few steps as a look of shock flashed across his face.

“Didn’t expect it, right?” said Dalton with a chilly look in his eyes. “You are no longer a match for me! Since you are no longer of any value, I will send you on your way!”


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