Billionaire God of War Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183

Dalton roared, and his energy soared suddenly!

He turned and swept towards Cillian. Dalton raised his fists and clenched them tightly. Then like a fierce bull, he sent a hefty blow crashing down on Cillian.

Cillian raised his fists quickly to block the blow.

The two collided violently again. Cillian’s face was in shock as he retreated a few steps and coughed violently.

His eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Kill him!” yelled Dalton. The leaders standing nearby came rushing over instantly.

The moment Cillian saw them, he retreated from the fight and ran off immediately.

“Don’t bother running after him!” shouted Dalton when he saw the leaders running after him. “He’s no ordinary man. If he wants to escape, there’s no way you can catch up.”

He narrowed his eyes and continued, “Since I already punched him, he’s going to have a hell of a time. Humph.”

It really was Cillian.

Since they couldn’t find Cillian’s body, Dalton refused to believe he was dead.

After being in the martial arts world for years, Dalton only trusted his own eyes.

Especially since Dalton was the one who created a double-edged sword like Cillian!

“Chairman, are you okay?” asked the leader of the Dragons.

“How can one puny Cillian kill me?” said Dalton as he patted his sleeves in disdain.

“Was it Cillian?”

The leaders looked at each other in shock.

The Moore family now faced both external enemies and internal threats.

Cillian was the Moore family’s right-hand man and did a lot for them. Dalton even became Chairman because Cillian had helped to eliminate many obstacles.

But Dalton’s sword had turned against him and attacked him!

“Why did he…”

“How dare he! He’s too greedy for his own good.”

Dalton glanced at the leaders but didn’t say much, “Just focus on your own work. Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask!”

Then he got into the car and left.

The leaders stood at the entrance with complicated expressions on their faces.

“Isn’t the Chairman worried that it might affect morale?”

“Humph, morale? To begin with, he killed five or six leaders to become the Chairman…”

“Stop talking! Do you want to die too?”


Their voices immediately quietened down.

They found Dalton’s actions unacceptable very quickly.

He gave in to Ethan and allowed Ethan to step all over the Kings Sect without retaliating. Now he attacked Cillian, a man who had remained loyal to the Moore family for almost 20 years!

In their view, both Dalton and the Moore family had changed.

Kings Sect was Dalton’s tool too. Would he clean them out also the moment the sect was useless to him?

In a dark and derelict factory, Cillian took off his mask. His face instantly went pale as blood gushed from his mouth.

He was breathless, and his eyes were dark.

“I didn’t expect Dalton to have gotten this strong. He’s hidden it well.”

Cillian had worked for the Moore family for years, so he always knew about Dalton’s martial arts abilities. But it turned out that he knew nothing about Dalton’s true abilities.

His moves were so domineering and brutal that it could only be the legendary Extreme Fist Technique.

He didn’t know that Dalton surprisingly possessed a page of the fist technique manual!

“He’s kept his guard against me all along,” said Cillian as he laughed coldly in self-ridicule.

If Ethan hadn’t helped, he might have never found out all his life. Then he would have continued to stupidly slog for his true enemy!


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