Billionaire God of War Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184

Cillian coughed violently with his hand to his chest. Blood trickled down the corners of his mouth, and even his breathing sounded hoarse.

This fist technique was really too powerful!

The force of Dalton’s punch managed to hit his body even though he blocked it off. If he didn’t retreat quickly, he would have suffered major internal injuries. Even if he didn’t die, he would become paralyzed.

“No wonder so many people are after the technique manual. It…is truly frightening!”

Cillian knew Ethan’s boxing technique was just as powerful as Dalton’s, if not even more domineering.

After so many years had gone by, he wondered how much more powerful Ethan had become.

He slowly exhaled as he leaned against the wall. Then he narrowed his eyes and smiled with relief in his eyes.

“I can’t be bothered…since I’ve returned the favor…Ethan…is scary…he’s too good at playing his enemies…”

He had attacked Dalton at Ethan’s orders too.

Ethan didn’t want him to kill Dalton. Cillian himself knew that Dalton wasn’t an easy target for him. But he did it to make Kings Sect’s leaders witness what kind of man Dalton was.

In Ethan’s own words, sometimes it was unnecessary to use brute force to eliminate an enemy from the outside.

The moment it decayed from the inside and became an empty shell, all it took was a gentle puff of breath to shatter it!

He slowly closed his eyes to rest. Then he reflected on how lucky he was for not making an enemy of Ethan. This fellow had such an incredible mind that it was abnormal.

During these years abroad, Cillian had secretly investigated Ethan a little while he was abroad.

The more he discovered, the more in awe he was of Ethan.

Then Cillian stopped thinking about it and closed his eyes to rest. But images of Ethan’s dominance and sheer power while he battled a sea of enemies kept surfacing in his mind…

Meanwhile, in Greencliff.

Ethan had come back.

In the Palmer family bungalow, Ethan stood by the stone table as he watched Shawn and Ivan play chess.

“You made a mistake. If you make that move, you’re bound to lose,” said Ethan as he reached his hand out to undo Shawn’s last move and moved the chess piece somewhere else. “Elder Ivan’s move is very lethal. He will checkmate you in five moves!”

Ivan frowned unhappily. He had so much trouble coming up with the strategy, but Ethan blew his cover.

Shawn was displeased as well and glared at Ethan as he said, “You’re not supposed to interfere when you watch, don’t you know? I really want to beat you up!”

If he could defeat Ethan in a fight, Shawn would have done so ages ago.

Shawn glared at Ethan, knowing that he used the same strategy on them all the time. They were completely helpless whenever Ethan resorted to roguery and tricked them.

Shawn turned to point at the little mountain of bodies behind him and snorted.

“Also, you brat, if you ever purposely leave a few gaps to let small fry in and disturb our peace, don’t blame me for being nasty!”

Behind Shawn were four or five grandmaster level fighters. They were now immobile and lying there looking like trash.

Ethan glanced at them and his expression became stern instantly.

“They are all from Kings Sect, which is based overseas. They aren’t small potatoes and are grandmaster level fighters! Despite the defense of the forbidden territory of Greencliff, they still managed to infiltrate it!”

He sneered furiously, “This Kings Sect has no respect for the forbidden territory of Greencliff! If we don’t teach them a lesson, they will think we are pushovers! Anyone who crosses the forbidden territory of Greencliff will get killed no matter how far they come from!”


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