Billionaire God of War Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185

Shawn and Ivan just stared at Ethan with their mouths open. They both looked at Ethan with looks of disbelief and couldn’t believe their eyes.

Was there anyone as shameless as Ethan on earth? They weren’t small potatoes? They were all grandmaster level fighters?

If they weren’t aware of Ethan’s true abilities, they might think that Ethan was being modest. But Ethan could kill these so-called powerful grandmaster level experts with just one finger!

He purposely created those gaps to let these random people from Kings Sect get into Greencliff. But here he was wagging his finger and calling them bullies first.

Who was the bully here?

“I already said no one is allowed to make trouble in the forbidden territory of Greencliff, but Kings Sect didn’t give a damn about my orders!” said Ethan resoundingly. “How will the others see me if I don’t give a response? They will think that we are pushovers and can be bullied!”

Brother Geoff and the others felt their blood rushing as they stood nearby.

Then Shawn touched his forehead and waved his hand as he said, “See that? See that? Just look at the way this brat behaves!”

Ivan smiled and said, “I already knew that.”

The likes of Ethan couldn’t be judged through conventional means.

He was incredibly talented and so powerful that he seemed inhuman, but he was also extraordinarily intelligent and scheming.

More importantly, he was always unconventional, and no one could see through his temperament.

Except perhaps Diane.

Shawn didn’t feel like saying more. Then he pushed the chessboard and turned to leave. He had to tell Victoria to stay away from Ethan.

This brat was trouble!

“Hey! Hey!” shouted Ivan who became pissed off. “Shawn, what do you mean by this? I’m about to win here! How can you just run off?”

Shawn pretended not to hear him.

“You also refuse to acknowledge defeat! How can you have the cheek to scold Ethan?”

Shawn covered his ears and walked off quickly, disappearing in no time.

Ivan could only shake his head.

Then he turned to look at Ethan.

“What are you planning next? Kings Sect isn’t to be trifled with. They surprisingly left the country all of a sudden back then. Now that they want to return, you are stopping them.”

Ivan was trying to say that Kings Sect yearned to come back very badly. If Ethan stopped them, he would be making enemies of Kings Sect.

But he knew what Ethan was like. This boy was never worried about vendettas.

“They are at my doorstep and have gone overboard. What else can I do?” said Ethan as he turned around and looked at Brother Geoff and the others. “What do you think we should do?”

“Kill them!!!”

Their roars shook the heavens!

Ivan understood the moment he heard this.

Kings Sect was done for.

And he hadn’t even managed to see them yet.

Ivan rose to pat his long robe of its dust and said, “Looks like I will have to stay in Greencliff longer.”

Then he chased after Shawn. If they couldn’t play chess, surely they could do a little sparring.

Ethan spread the word quickly. He claimed that Kings Sect infiltrated Greencliff and harmed the Palmer family’s dog. Kings Sect had to pay the price for breaking the rules of the forbidden territory of Greencliff!

He said that if the Moore family and Kings Sect dared to, they should come to Greencliff for him. If they didn’t have courage, then they should stay abroad obediently and not come back like the cowards that they were!

Of course, Dalton couldn’t take it when the news reached him abroad.

He had chosen to concede defeat and be made a laughingstock, but Ethan still insulted him!

Who was the bully here?

He was really going insane with fury.


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