Billionaire God of War Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186

The Moore family and Kings Sect members were unable to return to the country, and all 30 men who made it into the country had perished.

Now Ethan insulted him like this. How could Dalton take this lying down?

But he couldn’t go back!

Ethan knew about that when he rubbed dirt on the dignity of Kings Sect and Dalton.

Dalton sat for almost 30 minutes in silence with his face livid.

No one dared to disturb him or ask what they should do next.

Dalton definitely couldn’t do anything about it. For starters, he couldn’t return to the country. If he did, he would get encircled and butchered by Ethan. It would just make his losses escalate.

But if they didn’t return to the country…

The leaders of Kings Sect probably couldn’t restrain themselves!

If Ethan merely humiliated him, he could grit his teeth and swallow it.

But Ethan was going to transform Kings Sect’s old headquarters into a farm, so he was trampling on the pride of Kings Sect and its members.

Although Dalton was aware that Ethan was purposely agitating them, the rest of Kings Sect didn’t.

Also, they wouldn’t be able to swallow it even if they did.

After all, Kings Sect was already the most powerful influence in Las Vegas after being abroad for 20 years, so they never suffered such shame before.

On top of that, they had sent so many men back to the country, but they turned out to be like sending clay dolls into a river. It was completely useless.

But even clay dolls had pride. So how could they tolerate it after Ethan humiliated them like this?

Dalton sat there like a statue. Even though he knew Ethan was provoking them deliberately, he was dying to run back to the country and kill Ethan!

“Mr Moore…” said the Moore family butler after he waited at the door for a long time and hesitated before entering. “The leaders would like to seek your audience.”

Eight Kings Sect leaders were already waiting outside his door. All 12 of them would be present before long.

“No, I won’t see them!” shouted Dalton as he glared back at his butler. “Tell them to stick to their jobs and don’t do anything else! From today onwards, I will go into retreat. No one is to bother me!”

Even if they suffered internal injuries from anger, they had to swallow it!

It wasn’t Ethan that he was afraid of. He was worried about how His Lordship would kill him if he returned!


The butler was placed in a spot, but when he saw Dalton’s darkened expression, he nodded and said, “Yes, I understand.”

He thought about how he should break the news in his head, then turned to leave without disturbing Dalton any further.

All eight leaders were at the door. Their faces flushed red as their bodies trembled with indignation.

They couldn’t stand it anymore!

“What did the Chairman say?”

They all rushed over immediately when they caught sight of the Moore family butler.

“Mr Moore asked you to go back. He said for you to stick to your roles and not take any action yet. Mr Moore is going into retreat for a while, and no one is to disturb him.”

“What does he mean by not do anything?! Ethan is shoving trash into our faces! Where is the Chairman? I want to see him!” one of them exploded and couldn’t stand it any longer.

Was he still human if he could tolerate this?

Kings Sect had never suffered such humiliation before!

“Mr Moore has gone into retreat,” said the butler hurriedly, “Please don’t disturb him. I’m sure Mr Moore has other plans.”

He didn’t know why Dalton could suffer in silence this time.

In the past, Dalton would have charged back home and destroyed Ethan and Palmer Group.

“Does he have other plans? Plans my foot! If the Chairman doesn’t have the balls, we will do it!”


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