Billionaire God of War Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187

The Kings Sect leaders truly couldn’t stand it anymore!

If Dalton could stand getting shit shoved into his face, then he wasn’t fit to be Chairman of Kings Sect!

If Dalton came out to address their concerns, they wouldn’t be as angry even if they didn’t get to charge back to their homeland to fight Ethan.

But what did he do instead?

Dalton went into a retreat!

He simply refused their audience with no intention of dealing with Ethan after he insulted them.

“Come, let’s go!”

“Since the Chairman has gone into retreat, let’s deal with this matter ourselves!”

“Kings Sect has never suffered such humiliation before. Someone has to stand up to Ethan!”

The leaders left with grim faces. They didn’t insist on seeing Dalton anymore.

The butler wanted to persuade them otherwise but didn’t know what to say as he was in no position to say more.

But judging from their expressions, they were extremely furious and even resentful of Dalton.

“What should we do now?” sighed the butler. He wanted to tell Dalton about it, but he had already entered the study and had given instruction to not disturb him while he was in retreat.

Things were getting more and more complicated now.

Dalton was in his study with a glum expression on his face as he considered his next move.

He didn’t care about this pressure from Ethan or the L’Oreal family. All he was worried about was His Lordship!

This man was already so strong 20 years ago that the mere sight of him was terrifying. How much more formidable had he become after 20 years had passed?

Even though he had a page of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual, he didn’t have the confidence to confront His Lordship head-on.

The more he witnessed His Lordship’s tactics, the clearer he became about His Lordship. Dalton had to either kill His Lordship with one blow, or…just never provoke him.

“I didn’t expect Ethan to be so intelligent. His Lordship certainly knows how to groom his men.”

Dalton was confident that Ethan worked for His Lordship.

Or else, Ethan wouldn’t have had the chance to thrive back home with His Lordship’s ability. Ethan would have gotten killed by His Lordship before he could rise to power.

But what should he do now?

Dalton couldn’t come up with any ploys. It seemed like the Moore family and Kings Sect was in a dead-end.

Ethan had really pulled a good move.


At the overseas headquarters of Kings Sect.

In its huge conference room, the main seat belonging to its Chairman was empty.

Of course, Dalton wasn’t around.

But all the other 12 leaders were present.

“Allow me to speak first. No matter what you decide, I, Milton, can’t stand it anymore! It’s too cowardly to sit by and get insulted like this!” said the leader of the Dragons, Milton, with a cold smile as he scanned the crowd. “Has anyone treated Kings Sect like this in all our time abroad? No one would dare to do such a thing!”

Countless people wanted to step on them when they first arrived overseas, but in a matter of months, they swept through the circles!

They completely stabilized their foothold.

They had many expert fighters back then, and they stood united, so no one dared to offend them.

All these years, Kings Sect ranked as one of the top three powers in Las Vegas.

When had they ever suffered such humiliation before?

They never got shamed while they were abroad, yet now they were insulted in their homeland. If he could take it lying down, he might as well commit suicide!

Then Milton looked at the other leaders with a slightly strange look on his face.

“The Kings Sect has been around for almost 100 years and survived many crises. This time…”

“How can this be considered a crisis?”

Before the leader of the Snakes finished her piece, Milton butted in, “He’s just a puny little brat! How can he be considered a crisis? Are all of you getting cold feet?”


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