Billionaire God of War Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188

“Do you think we shouldn’t retaliate just because the Chairman isn’t going to? Kings Sect must return to our homeland! Those are the sect rules!” yelled Milton Cady loudly. “20 years ago when we were forced to leave the country, we swore to return sooner or later to rebuild our sect’s prestige! But look at what happened now? Are you calling this a crisis?”

The leader of the Snakes, Meredith Stannard, looked indignant as she said to Milton Cady, “I didn’t say we shouldn’t fight back. I’m really angry too.”

“What’s the point in just being ticked?” asked the leaders of the Tigers, Cody Rose, as he sneered. “Aren’t we all sitting here today because we are furious?”

The other leaders all nodded as well.

Kings Sect couldn’t suffer such humiliation!

“Ethan must die!” said Cody Rose. “If we don’t kill him, Kings Sect will be shamed! If we don’t seek vengeance, our brothers would have died for nothing!”

“But the Chairman disagrees,” said someone else as he shook his head. “How can we touch Ethan if he doesn’t agree to it?”

Milton coldly smiled as he said, “Do you mean we can’t survive without him? Will Kings Sect be nothing without Dalton?”

“Milton, what are you saying?” said the leader of the Snakes, Meredith Stannard, as her expression darkened. “It’s against sect rules to speak ill of the Chairman! Do you want to die?”

Milton Cady instantly stood up and slammed the table heavily as he quickly said in a cold tone, “Dalton bullies the weak and fears the strong. His cowardice is an embarrassment to Kings Sect. Isn’t that against sect rules too? If our old Chairman were still alive, it would send him to his grave!”


Milton made Meredith so mad that she pointed her finger at him speechlessly with her face pale.

Meredith Stannard was on Dalton’s side as he was the one who promoted her to become the leader of the Snakes, so she couldn’t tolerate them slandering Dalton.

“It’s better not to utter the Chairman’s name casually like this. It’s wrong of us to gather here without him present to begin with, so don’t create more trouble as it is,” said the leader of the Rabbits to try and help relieve the tense atmosphere.

“All I’m asking is this – do we want to save Kings Sect from embarrassment or not?”

Milton walked over to the chairman’s seat and leaned his hand against it as he smiled and said somberly, “If no one can be bothered, then neither will I. Then Kings Sect’s dignity can all go to hell!”

He smiled so maliciously that it made the other leaders feel uncomfortable, and they retorted immediately.

They couldn’t stand Milton being like this.

Everyone in the conference room was arguing and shouting. The atmosphere was becoming increasingly intense.

And they were almost going to exchange blows.

“Kings Sect will be done for!” said the leader of the Tigers as he couldn’t help shaking his head. “Don’t you have any righteousness in you? Or has Dalton brainwashed you all? You have seen what he did to Cillian with your own eyes. Aren’t you afraid that he will kill you too one day when you have outlived your purpose?”

When he got to this, everyone stopped holding back.

Cody Rose shouted directly, “Since Dalton doesn’t want to retaliate, then my Tigers will. My men can’t just die for nothing at Ethan’s hands!”

He stood and turned to leave.

“If you want to be cowards, then go ahead. But I, Cody Rose, am not going to be one!”

Very quickly, some of them stood up and expressed the same opinion. Meredith and the others could even tell that these men wanted to go independent and refuse Dalton’s control!

Milton grinned sinisterly when he saw a few men take his side.

“Everyone better watch out. Don’t come running to us for help when Dalton decides to finish you off!”


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