Billionaire God of War Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191

Ethan was stunned. Then he looked at Diane seriously and couldn’t help sighing as he said, “Wifey, I’m sorry.”

“Did you really…” asked Diane as she instantly stared at him with her eyes wide open. Although she was just asking him casually, Ethan actually admitted to it.

This scoundrel actually sold his body for business. Did he even ask her?

“I’m sorry that you misunderstood,” said Ethan as he smiled. “How could I have sold my body? Every inch and corner of my body has always belonged to you.”

He was apologizing because Diane misunderstood and not because he had sold himself.

Diane was startled, then she reached her hand out and smacked Ethan, “You did that on purpose!”

“Weren’t you doing that deliberately too?” said Ethan as he smiled and pulled Diane into his embrace. “But honestly, Amelia has such a unique body. Her figure is so hot that most men can’t help being attracted to it.”

Diane looked down at her own figure as she asked, “Then what about me?”

“You’re perfect,” said Ethan without hesitating.

Diane smiled when she heard his words.

She went back to her serious mode as she reached out to touch the whiskers on Ethan’s chin. Then she wondered if Ethan hadn’t shaved in a couple of days and reminded herself to supervise him more closely as he couldn’t go on being so slovenly.

But Ethan was handsome regardless of his whiskers.

“Why did L’Oreal suddenly invite us to partner with them?”

Diane was confident, but she knew her own company well too.

Palmer Group was not at the stage where it could hold a candle to major international brands like L’Oreal. Similarly, the Palmer family couldn’t compare to the L’Oreal family.

Palmer Group only managed to outdo L’Oreal in the local market because it crushed its local manager, the Moore family, and not the L’Oreal family.

So Amelia’s didn’t have to go this far. She could even have fought Palmer Group back on a grand-scale and aggressively with all her might.

But she didn’t and also enthusiastically reached out to them for a partnership in a humble manner.


Ethan touched Diane’s nose and said, “For profit.”

“Wifey, the business world is like a battlefield. Many people have appeared on the battlefield, but one of them isn’t our enemy for now, so they can become our ally.”

“Do you mean L’Oreal is our ally?”

Diane was smart, so she understood immediately. “Do you mean there will be more players involved?”

“If I’m not mistaken, there are four players. Three of them are targeting one of the players and planning to swallow it,” said Ethan with a glint in his eyes.

Other than L’Oreal, there was His Lordship from Hidden Sect.

Everyone was targeting the Moore family and Dalton!

His Lordship set the game up to begin with. The moment Ethan joined in, there would be a showdown. Ethan was keenly aware that there could be only one reason why His Lordship set this game up.

The Moore family had a page of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual!

Based on Cillian’s message, Ethan was certain of it.

Although Dalton possessed a page of the manual, His Lordship didn’t swoop in immediately as the Moore family wasn’t the same as it was 20 years ago.

The Moore family now had Kings Sect backing them up!

Each one of the 12 leaders had many highly skilled fighters, so if His Lordship wanted to snatch the manual from the Moore family, it would be tough.

So he set the stage to manipulate Ethan to attack Kings Sect and cut off the Moore family’s escape route and greatest safety net!

Then His Lordship would move in by killing Dalton and snatch the Extreme Fist Technique Manual from him!


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