Billionaire God of War Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192

Unless one was personally involved and had keen sight like Ethan, His Lordship’s move to manipulate someone else into ruining Dalton was virtually undetectable. It would appear like pure competition in the business world.

It would seem like they were fighting to be the leader of the trade in the north.

Ethan couldn’t be bothered with Amelia’s current attitude and even wanted to ignore the matters abroad. At the end of the day, no matter how good she looked, a wily old fox was still a fox. It would show its true colors sooner or later.

He had to focus on eradicating the Kings Sect while they were suffering from internal conflict. Then he had to take down the Moore family more swiftly than His Lordship did and take the manual from Dalton!

Winston and Tom Foster had already gone over with the men. They were keeping an eye on Kings Sect and monitoring the situation overseas.

Ethan hadn’t gone overseas in years. He wondered whether his friends abroad still had a strong impression of him.

Ethan felt that those experiences they went through were probably unforgettable for most of them.

Diane sat in Ethan’s arms and listened to his analysis. The more she listened to him, the more she felt that their brains were built differently.

“So you mean that I can accept L’Oreal’s invitation. Then what?”

“My dear wife, your mission right now isn’t to expand overseas, understand?”

Ethan couldn’t help laughing when he saw Diane looking very confused. Then he said, “It’s not the right time for Palmer Group to expand abroad. Instead, you should integrate your businesses in the country and transform Palmer Group into a huge entity! Make the company into something even larger than what Long Group used to be!”

Diane nodded thoughtfully.

The businesses Palmer Group bought over from Long Group were almost all sorted out. They involved all areas of trade and had instantly transformed Palmer Group into a conglomeration.

They entailed an array of fields and also increased Palmer Group’s influence many times over.

“Palmer Group’s vision is to serve and help as many people as we can and to contribute to society, but these things cost money. Where does the money come from?” guided Ethan.

Ethan was genuinely patient when it came to his pretty and occasionally muddled wife.

If Winston reacted this slowly, Ethan would have sent him flying with a kick ages ago.

“I need to earn money!” said Diane as she nodded earnestly.

“And what’s the fastest way to earn money?”

“Rob?” asked Diane cautiously.

After being around Ethan for a long time, she didn’t know how this word popped up in her mind.

Ethan was stunned. Although Ethan felt that Diane made sense, he raised his hand and spanked her hard on her bottom.

The sound of the slap was crisp!

And there was a spring in the slap!

“You have learned how to be naughty!” said Ethan as he put a stern expression on. “You have to convince others by setting a good example. How can you rob others?”

As he savored the aftertaste in his palm, he thought to himself that this was probably the only time in life when he could bring himself to spank her this hard.

Diane didn’t notice the look in Ethan’s eyes. Instead, she pursed her lips and apologized nonstop.

“I’m sorry. I was just talking randomly. Hubby, then what’s the best way to earn the most money?”

She wanted to help people, so she had to make Palmer Group big. Then she could make more money and do meaningful things with it.

“Make the money work for you and earn more money,” said Ethan as he reached his hand out. But he held back when he saw the pitiful look on her face and didn’t spank her.

“Your mission now is to do your best to integrate all the businesses quickly. Then no one will dare to force your hubby to sell his body!”


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