Billionaire God of War Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193

Ethan pretended to be indignant about selling his body, and Diane genuinely bought what he said.

She trusted Ethan completely because he was the most intelligent and powerful person on earth.

“Don’t worry, Hubby. I won’t give other women the chance!” said Diane seriously.

“That’s my good wife,” said Ethan as he reached his hand out to embrace Diane. But she pushed him aside.

Diane blushed as she straightened out her corporate wear. Then she coughed a couple of times and said, “Now that we’re done talking about work, you can’t distract me from my work anymore, Mr. Hunt.”

She put on a serious expression and said, “CEO Palmer has to focus on the mission her hubby assigned her.”

Then Diane pulled Ethan up and shoved him out of the office without letting him speak.

She couldn’t focus on work with Ethan around. How could she concentrate on work with him flirting with her from time to time?

Ethan could only helplessly shrug as he let Diane push him out of the door and close the door behind him.

Ashley gloated outside the office as she watched Ethan get pushed out.

“I never thought Brother Ethan would ever get shoved out of the CEO Palmer’s office.”

Ethan scoffed as he walked over to Ashley. She immediately became frightened and said, “Brother Ethan, I was only joking! Don’t do it! Don’t do it, please!”

Ashley instantly retreated two steps as she stood right in front of her desk while he ignored her begging.

“Are you going to deduct my pay?” asked Ashley as she gave way.

Ethan reached his hand out and opened her drawer. He removed all the documents before looking down to see. Sure enough, she was hiding them deeper and deeper recently.

He took the snacks that she had hidden in the drawer, then looked at how Ashley was on the verge of tears. “You’ve already put on so much weight and you still want to eat? Aren’t you afraid that no one will want to marry you?”

Then Ethan opened the package, and the smell of potato chips was released into the air. Ashley couldn’t help swallowing her saliva.

It was a brand new product that only started selling today!

Ashley stomped her feet as she stared at Ethan from behind while a wave of anger surged through her.

“So what if I’m fat? You won’t marry me anyway! HUMPH!”

Ethan was thrilled as he strolled around Palmer Group.

He didn’t need to worry about Palmer Group’s operations anymore. In reality, he never did. All he had to do was to solve problems or get rid of troublemakers.

At this moment, Winston and the others had arrived overseas.

Las Vegas was a concrete jungle and a large globalized modern city!

It was many times more advanced than Greencliff. Just the roads alone were far wider than that of Greencliff.

“Ha, I tell you, we tried everything when Big Boss and I were here in the past!” said Winston smugly. “All those so-called big bosses here got beaten up so badly by us!”

Tom Foster and the others looked at Winston with admiration.

“Then will they run off if they see Brother Winston?”

Number Five couldn’t help asking.

It was his first time overseas, and he had come straight to such a big city. The myriad of temptations almost bewitched him.

“Do you think those big shots would go around spreading the news about them getting beaten up?” said Winston as he laughed cheekily. “People always want to be respectable.”

He pointed at the city and said, “Do you know where it’s called the city of gambling in Chinese? That’s because it’s a part of life to gamble here!”

Tom Foster and the others became excited when they heard him.

“But I don’t have money to treat you. We have to wait for Big Boss to come,” said Winston as he laughed. “Let’s get cracking first.”

Tom Foster and the others immediately became stern when Winston told them to start working.


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