Billionaire God of War Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194

They were keenly aware that Ethan had sent them abroad with tasks to fulfill. They weren’t here to paint the town red.

Las Vegas was considered a famous city abroad. There were many huge players in its legal circles, which consisted of wealthy people and tycoons that could even sway the city’s economy.

So the illegal circles were equally complicated.

It was made up of the likes of Kings Sect and Ghost Hand Gang.

Kings Sect was suffering from serious internal conflict. Several of the leaders had disagreements and even fought against each other.

Winston had seen his fair share of such situations.

Whenever power developed to a certain degree, a little decay would breed. Someone would grow resentful about settling for the status quo and seek a higher position. And internal strife was their only chance.

“Split up and move in on each sub-sect. They won’t be able to spot us that easily.”

Since their skin tones and appearances were similar, they were best suited for the task.

Just the thought of it made Winston exceptionally thrilled.

After he left some final instructions for Number Five and the others, he made these tough guys realize for the first time that there were so many ways they could trick the enemy.

Then the men went separate ways.


A clubhouse owned by the Snakes had extremely brisk business for providing oriental-themed services.

Many people visited each day for their services.

They were playing elegant classical music that helped to relax and stimulate its clients.

There was high foot traffic in the clubhouse.

A woman stood by the door dressed in a qipao and appeared charming. She was approximately 40 years old and clearly had a lot of wrinkles under her foundation in the corners of her eyes.

“Mr Terrik, it’s been so long since you last came. Miss Page keeps talking about you.”

Tiana Meade had been in the trade for a decade. Only those with the same skin color would unite together when people were abroad, especially in their trade.

The leader of the Snakes, Meredith, was a woman too and famous around here. Due to her uncompromising personality, the girls weren’t afraid that they might get bullied at work.

The moment Tiana saw Mr Terrik, she went over immediately without hesitation and grabbed Mr Terrik by the arm. She knew full well of the astronomical amount of assets he had in the country!

They didn’t dare to offend important clients like them.

“What does Miss Page miss about me?”

“That she feels void and lonely and needs Mr Terrik to satisfy her!” said Tiana as she beamed. She stuck her mature breasts out and rubbed them against his arm as they walked. Mr Terrik got into the mood quickly due to her teasing.

The two walked over to the lobby, where Tiana yelled immediately, “Girls, Mr Terrik is here!”

A row of young and lovely girls immediately walked over slowly, and each one was prettier than the next.

“Where’s Miss Page?” asked Mr Terrik as he smiled and scanned the girls.

“They are all Miss Pages. And all of them need Mr Terrik to satisfy them and fill their voids,” said Tiana as she winked at him. She deliberately came close to his ear and said softly, “The one on the right is a newbie. It’s her first day at work.”

Mr. Terrik’s eyes lit up when he heard these words. Then he pointed and said, “That one then.”

Then he walked over and pulled the woman into his arms. Mr Terrik couldn’t help chuckling loudly when he saw how shy she was.

Since he was familiar with the establishment, he pulled the woman and was about to head upstairs when suddenly…

A silhouette zipped in quickly and pulled Mr Terrik’s hand away. Then a hefty slap landed on Mr Terrik’s face.

The slap came so hard that Mr Terrik’s gold-rimmed spectacles went flying out.

“How dare you touch my woman? I’m going to beat you to death!”


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