Billionaire God of War Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195

Number Five rushed forward and slapped Mr Terrik with both hands viciously several times before Tiana and Mr Terrik realized what had ensued.

By the time Tiana realized what was going on and yelled for help, Mr Terrik’s face was already badly swollen!

“Pfft! I just bloody can’t stand the sight of men like you who fool around outside!” cursed Number Five in his heart as he spat on Mr Terrik’s face. Then he turned to look at the men who had encircled him, and his expression grew sinister immediately.

“You Snakes are getting out of hand! How dare you prostitute a family member of a member of the Monkeys?” roared Number Five as he glared at them. He didn’t give Tiana any time to wrap her mind around the situation.

He charged straight out and fought with those men.

A few moves later, Number Five acted as though he was scurrying off quickly and pulled the woman along as he ran. Then he shouted sternly, “Just you wait. The Monkeys won’t let you off!”

Everyone in the hall was shocked.

Tiana felt as though an alarm had gone off, and her mind exploded. What was going on?

“Chase after them! Chase them!”

How could that girl be a family member of a member of the Monkey sub-sect?

It was impossible!

She got someone to bring women from somewhere else in the country. How could she be a family member of a member of the Monkey sub-sect? How could there be such a coincidence?

Tiana immediately ordered someone to give chase, but they couldn’t catch up with them.

“You…You…!” said Mr Terrik as he covered his face and looked at them furiously. Then he stood up and anxiously located his already crooked glasses and put them on before he said, “How could that happen?”

“Mr Terrik, I’m sorry. It was an accident…”


Mr Terrik didn’t give a damn that it was unintentional.

He was beaten up publicly, and it was so embarrassing.

Especially now that matters had escalated, his reputation was done for if word spread back home!

He came precisely because of how private this place was, so he didn’t expect this to happen.

“Mr Terrik! Mr Terrik!” shouted Tiana, but she couldn’t stop him from leaving. She slammed the table furiously. They were in big trouble now.

“What are you waiting for? Chase them!”

The men came running back before long. Although Number Five was pulling that woman along, he was much swifter than them.

“Tiana, what should we do now? If she is really a family member of a member of the Monkeys, then we are in trouble!”

It was a violation of Kings Sect rules.

Tiana turned pale. After working in the trade for years, she had never encountered such a situation.

The Snakes and Monkeys never really got along in the first place. A few days ago, she heard that their leaders had a head-on conflict. If word got out about that woman, then it would spell huge trouble.

“We must find her!” said Tiana coldly. “Dead or alive, we must get her back!”

“Yes, Tiana!”

The men charged out again.

On the other end, Number Five pulled the woman along and ran. She was so terrified that she kept crying as she ran, and there was no color on her face.

She couldn’t keep up with Number Five’s pace and fell with a thud before Number Five finally stopped running.

“Who…who are you?” asked the girl as she bawled in terror. “If you take me away, they will beat me to death!”

Number Five glanced at her and said, “Sorry, I mistook you for someone else.”


The girl was stunned for a moment, then she immediately started bawling.

Number Five’s mistake would cost her life!

Number Five didn’t know what to do about her hopeless wailing.

“Will they beat you up?”

He hadn’t put much thought into it. Winston told them to do their best to cause tension by pretending to be members of other sub-sects and drive a wedge between them.

This was the best idea he came up with.

But he didn’t expect it to create trouble for others.


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