Billionaire God of War Chapter 1197

Chapter 1197

Just the thought of it made Winston excited!

Winston licked his lips and couldn’t wait to start.

They didn’t have to lift a finger with Kings Sect in chaos. Once the flames of animosity were lit, they just had to let it burn on its own and slowly let it incur tremendous losses.

Once Ethan arrived, they could start to reel the catch in.

Winston wasted no time and immediately led Tom Foster and the others to prepare for the next step.


All Kings Sect sub-sects got into a fight again!

Within a short day, dozens of people had perished. This was unheard of in Kings Sect.

The face of Edward Helgen, the leader of the Monkeys, turned so dark that he looked like he was going to eat Meredith alive.

Hundreds of Monkey sub-sect members behind him were furious. They encircled the entrance of the Snakes and it looked like a fight was about to break out any moment now.

“Meredith, hand her over. Or else how can I answer to my brothers?”

This had to be a joke!

The wife of a member of his sub-sect had been deceived into prostitution. How could he tolerate this?

If he swallowed it, his men would probably explode in rage!

News had spread that Meredith’s subordinate, Tiana, had conned a family member of a member of the Monkeys over to prostitute her. After he went knocking on her door looking for his wife, they refused to release her and even fought.

But now, the man and his wife had yet to make it back to the Monkeys and had probably been killed.

“What nonsense! Edward, are you insane?” reproached Meredith angrily. “No matter how stupid my men are, they wouldn’t commit mistakes like that! Don’t let someone else drive a wedge between us!”

“Are we friendly to begin with?” asked Edward as he laughed coldly. The two of them just had a huge argument recently at Kings Sect headquarters. Seeds of hate had long been sown before today.

Moreover, Dalton had trusted Meredith for a long time while Edward and the Monkeys sub-sect was almost invisible to Dalton.

“Stop this nonsense! Do you think my brothers behind me will agree to let this slide?” shouted Edward. “I suggest that you hand Tiana over. Or else, you will have to suffer the consequences!”

Meredith was furious too!

If she handed over someone who had been loyal to her for years based on hearsay, how could she convince the others to continue to serve her?

How would the members of the Snakes view their leader?

“How can I hand her over just because you want her? Edward, you’re going too far!”

“Have I gone overboard? In the past, you always relied on the Chairman’s support and bullied us. Are you saying that I’m the bully now?” said Edward as he let out a laugh. When he took a step forward, his men closed in by a step too.

“In that case, I’m going to bully you for real today!” he roared. “Get them! Yank that old woman out and pummel her to death!’

The Monkeys charged in immediately. Meredith refused to be outdone as she ordered the Snakes to attack the Monkeys.

Both factions were embroiled in a fight and it escalated into a completely chaotic scene in no time!

Meanwhile, at the Moore family estate.

Dalton was in his study where he had remained for several days.

He didn’t see anyone and kept contemplating what he should do next. Dalton was even waiting for His Lordship to arrive. In the worst case scenario, he would make a desperate counterattack and fight His Lordship to death.

“Mr Moore, bad news!” yelled the butler from outside the study. “They got into a fight again! They are fighting!”

Dalton furrowed his brows.

He had only left Kings Sect alone for a few days, but they had already become such a mess.

The leaders of the sub-sects seemed to have waited for him to be absent before stirring trouble.

Dalton instantly opened the study door and scoffed with his face stiffened, “Who got into a fight this time?

“The Monkeys and the Snakes can’t stop fighting! They’ve caused great damage!”


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