Billionaire God of War Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198

Dalton’s face turned livid as he said, “Why didn’t they do as I say? I told them to mind their own business! Are they deaf?”

He was so furious that his eyes were staring daggers!

“Tell them I won’t forgive anyone for creating trouble!” said Dalton before he closed the door. He became even more irritated.

Kings Sect was in chaos. How could it have gotten into a mess so easily?

Dalton knew all these years that Kings Sect had some problems here and there. Resources for each of the sub-sects weren’t evenly distributed, so some people were unhappy about it.

But he had no other choice. If Kings Sect wanted to expand, it was completely impossible to be fair all the time.

It was impossible to have complete egalitarianism.

But he couldn’t be bothered with these internal problems now.

Cillian was still watching him secretly and might suddenly attack anytime. Although he was powerful enough to handle it, he still had to keep his guard up.

Moreover, he wasn’t merely facing a shot in the dark from Cillian!

His greatest threat was His Lordship!

Dalton shut the door and glanced around before he said, “You two are to protect me. There’s no need to bother with Kings Sect matters for now.”

“Yes, Mr Moore.”

Only a soft voice replied in the darkness.

How bad could the chaos that Kings Sect was in be?

After Dalton took care of the threats that His Lordship and Ethan posed, he would come back and clean up Kings Sect.

He would kill all the leaders that opposed him and replace them entirely.

But Dalton’s orders were completely useless.

Most of the leaders refused to take them.

Several skirmishes later, the 12 sub-sect leaders were mostly individual camps now. Sometimes they would have disputes, but everyone tried to hold back. They were all here to profit, so they wouldn’t do anything that didn’t make a profit.


Ethan had arrived in Las Vegas.

At the Las Vegas international airport, Winston was squatting on the ground with a cigarette in his mouth, and his eyes narrowed while paying complete disregard for his image. Some passersby looked at him curiously.

“Big Boss!”

Winston spotted Ethan and Brother Geoff in the distance walking over from the aisle. Then he immediately put out his cigarette and ran over briskly.

“Didn’t Boss Diane come?” asked Winston as he glanced around. There was only Ethan and Brother Geoff, so Winston took out his lighter and lit his half-finished stick of cigarette back up.

“If she came, would we be able to indulge?” asked Ethan as he reached his hand out to take the cigarette from Winston and stubbed it out. “Take a leaf from my book and smoke less. Where are Tom Foster and the others?”

“They are standing at the casino entrance and don’t dare to enter,” said Winston as he chuckled. “They don’t have money.”


Black Cow Casino was one of the top ten casinos in Las Vegas and had billions of dollars worth of cashflow daily!

There was a notice at the door. The minimum gambling capital required for entry was US$100,000!

Tom Foster could afford it, but even if the others had the money, they were reluctant to fork it out.

They usually only just played a few simple card games at the most and never entered a place like this before. They didn’t know how to play these games, so going in was as good as throwing their money away.

“Damn, there are so many rich people in the world. US$100,000 must be worth about $600,000 to $700,000 of our currency. Are they going to gamble with that? They are such spendthrifts!” scolded Number Five angrily against the unfairness in the world.

“US$100,000 is the lowest requirement to enter. Even people with less than a million in their pockets would be too embarrassed to enter,” sneered Number Six. “Doesn’t standing outside its entrance make us look poor?”

He looked at Tom Foster and asked, “Why isn’t Big Boss here yet?”

“He’s here.”

A car pulled up in front of them, and Ethan and the others got off the car. Then Brother Geoff went to the boot quickly and opened it to remove a bulging gunnysack.

Brother Geoff didn’t grab it tightly enough. When it slid open, dozens of wads of cash fell out of the gunny sack…


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