Billionaire God of War Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199

Tom Foster, Numbers Five, Six , Seven, and Eight…were all stunned!

They couldn’t help gulping when they saw the wads of cash. Did he bloody…use a gunnysack to carry the money around?

The driver had gotten off the car to help, and even his face turned red as he stared at the gunny sack full of US dollars.

The driver thought that it contained something unimportant when Ethan and the others got onto the car.

“Geoff, why are you shaking?” asked Ethan as he glanced at Brother Geoff. “I only asked you to take the cash. Do you have to react like this?”

Brother Geoff smiled before reaching out to pick up the money. But he thought in his heart, “Hell yeah!”

He had never been nervous when he fought.

How much money did this gunnysack contain?

Brother Geoff’s math was poor, and the legend of Fairbanks always made fun of his math. He only knew that he would never make those piles of cash in his lifetime.

But to Ethan, that money was like trash.

“Let’s go in and have a good time!” said Ethan. Then he reached over and pulled Winston by his shoulder and said, “You can’t tell my wife about this after we go back!”

Tom Foster, Number Five, Six, Seven, and Eight…were all excited now!

They had money now!

And it was Ethan’s money, so they finally had the confidence to enter the posh casino.

When they arrived at the door, the waiter reached his hand out and stopped them. Despite the smile on his face, his words were filled with contempt as he said, “Pardon me. Our casino has a regulation. We don’t entertain guests with less than $100,000 gambling principal.”

These people were just circling the entrance earlier and seemed like they were hesitant about entering. They must be too poor.

Their casino was too high-class to let random people in.

Ethan glanced at the waiter and frowned. Why did he keep bumping into snobbish pricks like them?

“Brother Geoff.”

He couldn’t be bothered to talk to the waiter. Instead, he appeared like a tremendously rich man as he shouted to Brother Geoff. Then Brother Geoff stepped forward and opened the gunnysack straight away and fished inside it with a smile on his face.

“Is this enough?”

The three simple words made the waiter tremble instantly.

The gunnysack was bloody full of money!

He had never seen anyone carry a gunnysack full of money like this into the casino.

The waiter estimated that the huge gunnysack probably contained tens of millions of dollars!

“Yes! Please come in!” said the waiter as he quickly put on a big smile. Then he shouted immediately, “We have guests!”

The man changed his tune in a matter of seconds.

Brother Geoff cursed him in his heart for being such a two faced snob.

Ethan sneered before looking up slightly to remove a wad of cash from the gunnysack. Then he used it to tap the waiter’s face and grinned as he said, “Can you get a pretty girl to change our money into chips?”

“Yes, we can! Yes, we can!”

The waiter narrowed his eyes excitedly. So Ethan was a tycoon!

He loved rich men like this. They tended to be generous and didn’t care about money at all. Even when they tipped, it started at US$10,000.

Ethan merely used the money to tap his face. But even if Ethan wanted to slap him with the cash, he would be so happy that he would howl in excitement!

“Get over here!” shouted the waiter. Then he personally served Ethan and changed his cash into chips.

After they counted out the money in the huge gunnysack, they realized it contained over US$30 million!

They couldn’t help gasping when they heard the accountant report the figure. They had seen their fair share of rich people, but never saw anyone carrying money using a gunnysack. And it didn’t feel quite as shocking as it did to pour all that money on the ground.

After changing their cash into chips, Ethan handed out a few million worth of chips to them each.

“Go ahead and have fun,” said Ethan as he smiled. “Your training is tough and you rarely get a chance to play. Now that we are finally out, all of you should have a good time. It’s on me if you lose and yours if you win.”


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