Billionaire God of War Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200

Now they finally all became excited, especially Number Five and Number Six, who rubbed their hands as though it would bring them good luck.

“Big Boss, you said it yourself,” said Brother Geoff as he carried the large box of chips. Then he gulped as he looked around and asked, “But how do we play these games?”

Brother Geoff could play a few simple card games, but he was unfamiliar with the games in the casino. How was he going to win?

Did he have to rely on fate?

“Just look and learn. Why don’t you just play on your own?”

Ethan couldn’t be bothered to teach them and left them to lose all the money. He and Winston exchanged so much cash for chips that even the waiter was green with envy. The waiter instantly used his walkie talkie to inform the command center.

They had a big fish tonight!

There were plenty of such people in casinos abroad.

A lot of people who struck it rich in their home countries behaved like they were afraid that nobody knew they were rich or something when they were overseas, especially when they were in a casino. Regardless of whether they won money or not, they had to have the perfect demeanor.

They had to look rich!

They had to look like they were made of money!

They had to look bold and unrestrained!

Ethan and Winston went over to a gambling counter and started playing five-card stud.

The other players couldn’t help laughing when they saw Ethan walk over with a bag of chips looking like nouveau riche, but no one said a word.

The croupier smiled and asked, “Would you two like to join in?”

Ethan nodded. He grabbed a bunch of chips and threw it on the table straight away. His aura was so imposing that he looked like an immensely wealthy client.

One of the players gave up his spot right away and Ethan sat down for a game.

The croupier started to deal the cards. Then the player with the biggest card raised the bet. When it got to Ethan’s turn, Ethan didn’t even look before he threw a bunch of chips and said, “Call.”

People around them who were looking over excitedly already started frowning as they gasped in their hearts that this youth didn’t know how to play at all.

Whenever it was Ethan’s turn, he only said a single word, ‘call’.

Then he would push a stack of chips out without looking at his cards or anyone else’s for that matter. Ethan seemed completely nonchalant about his money.

Ethan lost as expected.

In merely five minutes, Ethan lost over US$600,000, but he didn’t seem unhappy at all and continued smiling.

“Winston, why don’t you play too and see how lucky you are?”

Winston rubbed his hands and played just like Ethan did. A round later, he had lost over US$500,000 as well.

Some of the other players became a little excited.

They glanced at Ethan delightedly. Ethan was a rich fool.

“Gentlemen, there are many other games you can play here. Why don’t you give them a try?” said the croupier as he smiled. He didn’t want to let off such clients.

Whenever the casino encountered clients like Ethan, they felt so happy like it was New Year’s to them.

The croupier shouted for a colleague to come over to lead them somewhere else and try other games. They even gave them pointers about how to play and strategize.

But Ethan and Winston weren’t good at gambling. Before the hour was through, there was nothing left of their bag of chips.

“How much have we lost?” asked Ethan.

“About US$20 million,” replied Winston.

Although the waiter next to them put on a professional smile, he was completely contemptuous of the idiots that they were. How could they dare to enter a casino when they didn’t know anything about gambling at all? But the good part was that they were able to bleed these big fish dry today and make a killing!

“I don’t have any more money,” said Ethan as he waved his hand. “That’s all I brought today.”

Tom Foster and the others walked over too with their hands empty. Everyone had clearly lost all their money.

They must have lost a total of about US$50 million!

“It’s getting late. Let’s go back and rest. We can come back tomorrow,” said Ethan nonchalantly. Then everyone trailed behind him to go back and rest.

Shortly after Ethan left, the man standing at the counter beamed brightly.

“He must be what they call a rich fool!” sneered the man. “If he returns tomorrow, wring him dry!”


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