Billionaire God of War Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201

“Mr Ford, where does this guy come from? He looked so bold and unrestrained like he didn’t care about the money at all.”

The waiter who had just served Ethan couldn’t help smiling. “He immediately reminded me of that client who came previously. The man who owned a coal mining company in the northwest district back home…”

They laid a trap and swindled the coal mining tycoon of US$100 million in a day!

He was conned so badly that he even lost his business and he himself nearly collapsed!

This time, another tycoon came. Their favorite clients were the ones who thought money was nothing.

“Get in touch with them to lay a trap just like we did the last time and squeeze the man dry. We will give them a 30% cut,” said the casino manager, Harrison Ford, as he laughed. Then he sighed, “If someone like that came every month, it would make for great business.”

The casino was all about thrill and pride.

The richer the man, the more pride he had. So even if they lost, as long as they were surrounded by an audience, they wouldn’t stop gambling and wouldn’t want to appear like they couldn’t afford the loss.

So the casino usually inserted men into the audience to help fan the flames and agitate the gamblers.

Harrison was extremely familiar with this routine.

He immediately made the arrangements. The moment Ethan arrived tomorrow, they would slaughter this big fish for money!


Ethan and the rest returned to the hotel to rest.

Last night, they lost hundreds of millions worth of US dollars. Even an ex-entrepreneur and billionaire like Tom Foster felt the pinch.

It was…too damned exciting!

“Big Boss, what should we do about this money?” asked Brother Geoff. He couldn’t help saying, “We lost too much money!”

At first, he wanted to give it a shot and try his luck, but he lost no matter what he played. Even his usual luck at card games didn’t work.

Although Ethan said he would take care of the losses and they could keep the winnings, they felt bad about losing so much money.

“If you won today, then things would be boring,” said Ethan as he smiled and patted Brother Geoff on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. Go rest. We will just win it all back tomorrow.”

Brother Geoff wanted to suggest owing Ethan the money for now and paying it back slowly when he made money. But Tom Foster yanked him away.

“Big Boss knows what he’s doing,” said Tom Foster softly. “Do you think Big Boss doesn’t know what a poor gambler you are? He wanted us to lose today…”

Since the casino was mostly about cheating, gambling skills ought to be considered the art of deception. It was a test of deception, strategy, memory, analysis and boldness, and even ambition!

Of course, luck played a part too.

But it was a fantasy to think you could win big at a casino based on luck alone.

Anybody who entered a casino usually lost nine out of ten times. The number who eventually lost everything they had and destroyed their families as a result were too many to be counted…

Ethan was keenly aware of this and never had a good impression of gambling. He found it disdainful for casinos to make a gambling a culture and even business.

Capitalists were bloodsuckers. And it became an increasingly common sight in this city.

Ethan sat on the couch as he swirled his fruit juice.

Winston knocked on the door and entered to say, “He’s here.”

Then he opened the door. A fair-faced young man walked in dressed in a black suit with his hair all slicked back while a pair of black-rimmed spectacles adorned his face. He appeared very cultured.

“Mr. Hunt,” said the youth as he looked at Ethan. He immediately walked over and bowed respectfully, “I finally get to meet you! My teacher often says that he would have died if it weren’t for Mr. Hunt!”


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