Billionaire God of War Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202

In the youth’s eyes, Ethan was both his master’s benefactor. Ethan was a man he respected immensely.

If not for Ethan, his teacher, the God of Gambling, would have died in this very casino. Then a poor boy like him would have died in the streets a long time ago.

“Will Reilly, long time no see,” said Ethan as he smiled. “How is your teacher doing?”

“Teacher still has the same temper. He remains indignant about the loss and insists he didn’t lose,” said Will as he smiled sheepishly. “I know he didn’t lose either. This time, I want to win it all back for him.”

Ethan nodded.

“Since you know what happened in the past, I won’t speak further of it. Those people ruined your master. Now that you have mastered his skills, it’s high time you displayed your ability.”

Ethan looked at the delicate and pretty man. It was hard to imagine that this boy outshined even the legendary God of Gambling!

He wasn’t just as good as his teacher, but even better than him.

“Yes, Mr. Hunt. I understand,” replied Will with a confident smile on his face. “I won’t embarrass my teacher or Mr. Hunt.”

“Okay. Go rest now. I want you to massacre them tomorrow!” said Ethan. Then Winston immediately threw an arm around Will’s neck and led him out with a grin on his face.

“You’ve grown up so much since I last saw you years ago. Are you completely developed down there too? Brother Winston will take you out for some fun tonight…”

Ethan couldn’t wait to give Winston a good kick. This boy was always so frivolous that the most obedient child could get led astray by him.

He had to educate him!

It was late at night.

Ethan called Diane. He took note of the time difference to ensure that it wouldn’t clash with Diane’s lunch break.

He missed Diane badly. Just looking at her face made Ethan miss her more.

Having someone to care about gave him the strongest support but also became his greatest weakness.

“I can wrap up very soon. Around the time you finish your market research.”

Diane smiled and said, “I’ve been working hard recently.”

“Don’t tire yourself out.”

“Okay, I won’t,” said Diane. Then she said jokingly, “Show me your room. I want to check out its decor.”

Ethan couldn’t help finding this funny.

Check out its decor?

How else could a hotel room look like? He deliberately refused to turn the camera around and said, “Don’t look. It would be bad if you saw something unbecoming in the room.”

Diane covered her mouth and laughed as she said, “No. I must take a look. What if you’re hiding a woman there?”

“Don’t regret it,” said Ethan as he turned the phone and pointed the camera to Winston. Winston was being punished and doing a handstand with both his legs curved like a toad.

Diane was stunned for a while before bursting into laughter.

“Big Boss! Must you do that? My image is completely ruined!” yelled Winston as he instantly flipped and landed firmly on the ground. He looked at Ethan’s phone and greeted Diane. Then he smiled sheepishly and ran out of the room.

“Okay, you’d better rest early. Good night, Hubby!”

Diane couldn’t stop laughing as she hung up the phone.

Ethan put away his phone and glanced at Winston, who stuck his head out from the room with a sad and miserable look on his face.

“What image do you have to speak of anyway?”

“If Big Boss says I have no image to speak, then I have none,” said Winston sadly. He hung his head and apologized obediently, “I apologize. I already apologized. Can I go to bed now, Big Boss?”

Ethan nodded. Then Winston said, “Big Boss, it will all come back to bite you one day…”

Before he finished his sentence, Winston hurriedly closed the door so that Ethan didn’t have the chance to hit his handsome face with a slipper.

The night went on in silence.

In the morning, Ethan brought only Will and Winston to the casino again.

The moment the waiter at the front door saw Ethan, he grinned happily. Then he picked up the walkie talkie to report happily, “Mr Ford, the big fish is here!”


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