Billionaire God of War Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204

“You are going to lose every dime you brought today!”

The waiter laughed coldly to himself and was itching to get started.

After Will picked the gambling table, the waiter whispered a few words to the croupier immediately. Very quickly, Ethan and the others sat down.

Will won his first round!

Ethan laughed out loud when he saw a few hundred thousand worth of chips get pushed in front of him.

“Win! Win every penny from them!”

But Will lost a million in the second round!

The waiter was a little worried previously that Will might be an expert, but from the looks of it, this boy was relying purely on luck.

He didn’t look like a master gambler from his movement, eyes, or even facial expression.

A few rounds down the road, Will had both wins and losses. But Will had lost a lot more than he won, so Ethan lost over US$5 million!

The waiter smiled in joy.

“If we want to win big, then we have to raise our bets and win it all back in one go!” said Winston somewhat resentfully as he gritted his teeth.

The waiter almost wanted to clap for Winston the moment he spoke. He was absolutely right!

Since he was a waiter, it was not his place to suggest it, but Winston was in the best position to say it.

“Get me more chips!” said Ethan without any restraint and hesitation. The waiter immediately exchanged more chips. Those chips were all cold hard cash!

“Keep going! Win it all back!” said Ethan as he patted Will’s shoulder.

Will’s face turned slightly red as he inhaled deeply a few times before nodding seriously.

Ethan already knew Will rehearsed with Winston for a long time last night, and this was all an act. Otherwise, Ethan would truly be worried whether Will inherited his master’s gambling prowess.

More and more people gathered around to watch.

Everyone heard about this rich fool who had lost $50 million the night before and was back today, and had already lost nearly $10 million.

Some gamblers who were furious about losing money suddenly felt better after seeing how pitiful Ethan was.

They already felt like killing themselves after losing hundreds of thousands. Then what about Ethan?

Ethan would have to kill himself many more times over.

Ethan merely sat at the table and took charge of placing bets and collecting winnings. They placed high bets but won very little. And Will was the one who made all the decisions.

A few rounds later, the chips sitting in front of Ethan had reduced by half. That was a total of US$30 million!

The waiter finally saw through Will’s strategy, which was no strategy and a total reliance on luck.

This stupid rich man was actually bold enough to bring a lad who was worse than a rookie here.

He was here to give his money away!

“Raise the bet!” said Ethan with his eyes a little red as he pushed his chips out. The waiter kindly reminded him, “Mr. Hunt, you have to calm down. You’ve bet too much money on this round!”

“I have money to burn,” roared Ethan as he glared.

The waiter quickly apologized and didn’t dare to speak further. But in his heart, he couldn’t wait for Ethan to lose every dime.

Everyone stared at Ethan and then at Will.

When Will said to call the bet, Ethan shoved his chips into the pot. The other players naturally called too. They had similarly realized that Ethan and the others didn’t know how to gamble at all and were relying on pure luck, so it was as good as giving them money.


Ethan called the bet just as Will suggested and betted over ten million! The chips in front of him were almost all gone!

The waiter was ready to help Ethan get more chips.

“Show your cards!”

But the moment Will showed his cards, he won!

A stack of bright and colorful chips was pushed in front of Ethan like a little mountain.

Ethan recouped US$20 million in this round!

The waiter’s face instantly darkened.

“You had a stroke of good luck this time,” sneered the waiter. “We are going to make you lose it all the next time!”


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