Billionaire God of War Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205

All the people looked at how triumphant Ethan, Winston, and Will were and just found them funny.

They were merely lucky enough to win the round. If they lost, they probably wouldn’t have the same exultant looks on their faces.

The other players didn’t care either. Although they did feel the pinch, they had already won a lot from Ethan and the others earlier on. They were merely unlucky this one round and would recover their chips from Ethan later!

They kept going!

Ethan continued to be so shockingly unrestrained with his huge bets that it seemed as though those chips weren’t money.

While Will didn’t go soft or care about the cards they were dealt.

Just as everyone waited for Ethan and the others to lose, Will won another hand!

$10 million

He won $10 million again this time!

Ethan’s chips were starting to pile up.

The people around them went green with envy.

Even though Ethan kept losing from betting heedlessly, he was lucky enough to recoup it all in a single round.

This was what you called gambling!

Pure gambling was all about luck!

“We have a stroke of luck today!” said Ethan as he smiled widely. “Keep going!”

The croupier kept dealing cards with an elegant smile on his face. He exchanged glances with the waiter, and his fingers sped up immediately.

The waiter looked at the chips in Ethan’s hands and thought in his heart that they couldn’t let Ethan keep winning.

But…Ethan and the others won again!

This time, even the croupier looked upset.

But he didn’t dare to say a word.

The other players barely had any chips left. Winston scanned around before raising his brow and said, “Are you still playing? Or else let someone else play!”

He was so arrogant that they wanted to strangle him!

But no one dared to touch him. Since they were here to gamble, they had to concede defeat if they lost. Those were the rules!

The players changed. No one thought that Ethan could keep up this lucky streak.

But…Ethan and the others won again!

It seemed as though the Goddess of Luck was suddenly sitting in Ethan’s embrace.

Will continued gambling as Ethan threw chips while Winston provoked their opponents. Many rounds and three waves of opponents later, they still kept up the winning streak!

No one else dared to play. Some of them finally realized that they had been deceived!

Will was incredible!

They probably deliberately lost in the beginning to make their opponents lower their guard and take the bait!

“We won! We won again!” yelled Winston as he slammed the table. “Anyone else? Anyone else? Are all of you paupers? You’ve only lost a few million and you don’t have anymore? It isn’t even enough for us to buy candy!”

“Is there anyone else? Is there anyone else?” shouted Winston. The gamblers around them were furious, but no one dared to step forward anymore.

Ethan stood up and reached his hand out to pat the waiter who was in a daze and said, “Get me a trolley. I’ve won so many chips that I can’t carry them.”

The waiter’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t dare to utter a word. Although he was furious, he did as Ethan asked and pulled a trolley over. Then he transferred the pile of chips from the table onto the trolley.

Ethan walked briskly in front of them while Will followed behind with that same clean shaven look.

Winston swaggered as he pushed the trolley full of chips behind them and walked over to the next gambling counter.

They won!

They won again!

They won yet again!

It seemed as though the God of Gambling had occupied Will’s body as he won again and again. The waiter glanced at the table to see the pile of chips they had won, and his face turned so ghastly that even his legs trembled.

“Go,” said Ethan as he narrowed his eyes and threw some chips at the waiter who caught them. Then Ethan said, “Get me another trolley.”

Everyone’s eyes became bloodshot!

This was too bloody exciting!

The gamblers who had lost everything watched with blood surging turbulently through their bodies as Winston pushed two trollies on his own. They gulped and asked, “Friend, do you need help with the trolleys?”


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