Billionaire God of War Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206

Winston glanced at them before reaching out to grab a bunch of chips and throwing it at them.

“This is for your work!”

Just this bunch of chips alone was more than what they had lost!

Will kept winning, and Ethan asked for another trolley, but Winston didn’t lift a finger this time. He could just casually toss a bunch of chips and people would fight to help push a trolley.

Within an hour, there were five trollies behind Ethan!

They were so densely packed with chips that they made the everyone watching tremble.

It was at least…a few hundred million in here!

All five or six gambling counters were wiped out. No one dared to play with Ethan.

Who would dare to go?

Weren’t the five trolleys behind Ethan that were densely packed with chips shocking enough?

Anyone who played against Ethan would lose everything!

Gradually, no one else in the casino wanted to play. They were all following Ethan around and wanted to see how long Will could keep winning. But no one dared to play against them.

“This is boring,” said Ethan as he turned to glance at the chips, “We’ve just won a few hundred million and now no one dares to play with us.”

Ethan shook his head and called the already livid looking waiter over, “Since no one wants to gamble, I’m leaving.”

How could they let Ethan leave?

How could they allow Ethan to go after winning all their money?

That was out of the question!

The waiter hurriedly smiled and said, “Mr. Hunt, you’re incredible! You’re such a formidable gambler! I don’t think anyone in the hall dares to play against you, but we still have a VIP section. The general public isn’t allowed to enter it. ”

“Do I have the right to enter it?” asked Ethan with a curious look on his face.

“Of course you do!” replied the waiter as he glanced at the five trolleys full of chips. If Ethan left like that, the manager would strangle him alive. Then the waiter said, “It’s on the second floor. This way, please!”

“Are the stakes high?” asked Ethan as he frowned and asked suddenly.

The waiter froze and didn’t know what to say for a moment.

He was worried that Ethan might not dare to go up and play if the stakes were too high.

Harrison had already called help over and laid a trap just waiting for Ethan to go upstairs. The waiter didn’t think Ethan could last that long and thought they would clean Ethan out before he even made it to the second floor.

But that was perfect since Ethan now had nearly $300 million worth of chips in his hands!

Almost over half the hall’s reserves of chips were all in Ethan’s possession.

“Let me make it clear, if the bets aren’t big, then it’s too boring for me to play!” said Ethan as he shook his head with a bold and unrestrained look.

“Yes, the bets are big! The bets are big!” said the waiter once he heard these words. “Mr. Hunt can push the stakes as high as you like. Someone will always keep going as long as you can afford it!” replied the waiter as he led Ethan upstairs. But in his heart, he thought otherwise.

When they came back down from upstairs, Ethan and the others would probably have lost the clothes on their backs!

Even the God of Gambling was finished off on the second floor. Ethan and Will were nothing compared to the God of Gambling.

Shortly after they arrived upstairs, Harrison came over and greeted them enthusiastically, “Hello gentlemen, I’m the casino manager. Welcome to the second floor. I’ll take care of you from now on.”

Harrison waved his hands for the waiter to leave. He was going to personally take care of Ethan and the others.

Mr. Hunt, the chips on the second floor go at $5 million apiece to make the betting more convenient. Is that okay?”

Each chip was worth $5 million. It meant any random game was worth over a hundred million!

“Change them!”

Ethan didn’t continue talking. He glanced at the five trolleys full of chips and went straight into the room.

Four middle-aged men sat at the table in the room, and all of them seemed around 50 years old. When they saw Ethan and Will walk in, there were looks of indifference and contempt on their faces.

“Just these old geezers?” asked Ethan immediately. “Are they waiting to lose all the money meant for their funeral?”


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