Billionaire God of War Chapter 1208

Chapter 1208

The four old men were renowned experts in the gambling circle, so they naturally noticed Will’s transformation and couldn’t help looking at him. But they didn’t have any impression of him.

“Young lad, you are very imposing and might succeed in the future. But for now, you still have to pay your tuition fees,” said one of the men as he chuckled.

He sounded concerned but was mostly disdainful toward Will.

Will didn’t say a word. He didn’t care about talking to them at all.

They were playing five-card stud.

They defeated his teacher through a game of five-card stud too back then. Today, he would win everything back with interest!

Ethan sat there looking indifferent.

He knew there was nothing for him to worry about now.

Harrison personally served as their croupier. They glanced at each other knowingly before they began.

The round started now!

Before the cards were even dealt, Ethan asked for a plate of fruit.

After they got their cards, Ethan asked for a plate of peanuts as well. Then he turned around and waited for a good show.

Will won $8 million in the first round.

They were all testing water with Will preliminarily, and their attitude towards Will was now clearly different from before.

Will continued to win the second round!

And he won $12 million!

The old men started looking a little anxious as they glanced at each other. They were keenly aware that they had underestimated Will.

They were frequent patrons of casinos in Las Vegas and knew almost all the talented gamblers, but they never met Will before.

Even though they played dirty, Will was surprisingly able to counter their moves and even checkmate them!

The four men started treating the game more seriously.


The three men called their bets after another.

When it was Will’s turn, he gently rubbed the cards in his hands a couple of times before his gaze looked different.

Will was keenly aware that they were playing dirty. And this time, Harrison was in on it too!

They must have set his teacher up the same way also!

Harrison and the others stared at Will, waiting to see what he would do now.

The chips on the table kept increasing and the amount had gone over $300 million. They were tempting Will to raise and bet everything he had to finish him in one fell swoop!

“Call,” said Will calmly without any expression on his face.

When they heard the word ‘call’, Harrison and the others heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts. Will took the bait.

They glanced at each other before Harrison gave out their final card!

“Let’s keep going since we’ve already gone so far,” said one of the men. Then he smiled and pushed all his chips into the pot.

“Of course, I will call too,” said the second man and called his bet also.

Then the third man called his bet as well.

There were instantly even more chips on the table.

Will glanced at the card that Harrison had dealt him when it was his turn. He couldn’t help scoffing in his heart, but his face remained expressionless.

Sure enough, all five of them were in on the scheme together!

Based on everyone’s cards, he had lost. Whether he chose to call or give up, the loss was immense!

Will glanced at these old men and saw them gloating at his misfortune. Then he pretended to look at Ethan with a look of dilemma.

His expression didn’t escape Harrison and the others. They were instantly certain that Will was cornered.

But Ethan didn’t care and continued eating his snacks instead.

“Don’t hesitate,” said Ethan as he helped Will decide. “Call it.”

Winston pushed all their chips into the pot straight away. By now, the chips on the table had increased to $500 million!

Even Harrison couldn’t help gasping as he forced himself to constrain the excitement in his heart.

The four men didn’t even bother to hide away the cold look in their eyes.

“He’s young. He’s too young after all! Hahahaha!”


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