Billionaire God of War Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210


“You cheated! Mr Ford, you can’t let them leave!”

The four old men all stood up and looked at them viciously.

They could afford to lose the money but not their pride!

The moment they entered the room, they had no intention of letting Ethan and the others leave with any money.

“Gentlemen, you are welcome to play at the casino, but you must follow the rules,” said Harrison as he laughed without hiding the malice in his voice.

They had combined forces to set up this trap but didn’t manage to finish Ethan and the others off. If word got out, it would be an embarrassment for both the four old men and this casino. They would all become the laughingstock of Las Vegas!

“How dare you make trouble here! Didn’t you find out what happened to those swindlers who tried to cheat here?” said Harrison coldly as he pressed the walkie talkie on his collar and stared at Ethan and the others. “Get up here!”

The atmosphere in the room instantly became intense.

“Young man, I suggest you behave yourselves. It will come to no good end if you make trouble here. Humph, even the God of Gambling lost here. Do you think you can leave in one piece?” sneered one of the men coldly when he noticed that Winston continued to collect their winnings.

“You’re about to lose your life and you’re still concerned about the money?”


A silhouette flashed over at the speed of lightning!

There was a crisp sound as that old man flew right out and crashed heavily onto the wall before rolling down, causing him to howl in agony.

“Do you want to kill me?” asked Winston as he glared hard at them. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He roared furiously, “Then come over and kill me!”

Winston stepped on the old man before turning to stare at Harrison.

“All of you joined forces to trick us and failed, so now you’re all a bunch of sore losers? I tell you, we won that money today, so we will be taking it with us! Don’t blame me for getting nasty if anyone tries to stop us!” said Winston domineeringly in an uncompromising manner.

Small fry like them didn’t deserve Ethan’s attention.

“You’re asking for it!” said Harrison furiously. He didn’t think that Winston would dare to actually beat someone up. Harrison stepped forward to reach out and grab Winston, but Harrison was thrown right onto the ground instead.

This slap was even louder than the first one!

Winston didn’t hold back at all.

“Bastard,” sneered Winston. “How dare you be rude in front of my Big Boss?”

Ethan sat there almost motionlessly as he looked down at Harrison.

“You run such a huge place but you can’t afford to lose?” asked Ethan composedly. “You went into cahoots to swindle the God of Gambling years ago. Haven’t you been pretty cocky about it all this time?”

“If…if you dare to make trouble here, you can forget about leaving!”

“Winston!” shouted Ethan. Then Winston stepped forward immediately and lifted Harrison up to slap him.

The door was kicked open, and a few dozen bouncers charged into the room.

Winston glanced at them. Instead of looking fearful, he seemed somewhat thrilled.

“Mr Ford, did you call them over to collect your corpse?” asked Ethan calmly. “Since you brought up the rules, then let’s talk about rules. We won. If you cash our chips, we can part with no hard feelings. Or else…you can forget about walking out today!”

A grim and cold murderous air covered Harrison and the others instantly. It left them trembling as though they had fallen into the depths of an icy cave!

“Don’t do anything rash!” shouted Harrison when he saw his bouncers moving in on Ethan and the rest. “Stop! Stop right now!”

Winston’s hand was wrapped around Harrison’s throat. He knew that the moment Ethan gave the order, Winston would undoubtedly break his neck without hesitation.


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