Billionaire God of War Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213

Ethan didn’t hold back. It was the perfect opportunity for his old friend’s disciple to win back the dignity he lost. He was not about to waste the chance.

For the entire night, Ethan brought Will and Winston to sweep through the five largest casinos in the city!

All these five casinos belonged to Kings Sect.

Before anyone realized what happened, Ethan had already left the casinos with Will and Winston.

They were destined to become a legend tonight. Ethan and gang had won a total of over US$2 billion!

Other than a few other big players, they had won over $1.8 billion from the casino games alone. It was as good as cutting a pound of flesh from Kings Sect.

By daybreak tomorrow, Las Vegas will be undoubtedly shaken.

And Will’s name would be so famous that it would make ears ring!


In a clubhouse in Chinatown.

Ethan and the others lay on the massage tables as three masseuses massaged them enthusiastically.

“Feels great,” said Winston as he couldn’t help sighing in satisfaction with his eyes half-open. “When your body feels good, you feel good inside too.”

After staying in the country for such a long time, he was becoming stifled.

Winston was clearly good at physical labor, but Ethan pushed him into this position and forced him to confront these political monsters every day.

It was too tiring to talk business all the time.

“Big Boss, don’t give me such jobs anymore. I like to fight,” said Winston as he turned around to glance at Ethan, who had a towel over his face. “You have no idea how complicated the legal circle is.”

Winston paused as he felt he had phrased this wrongly.

Of course Ethan knew how complicated the legal circle was.

Ethan had the highest position in this circle!

Ethan was the God of War of the East and protected the country for years. He solved countless problems for the nation and was the Department of Defense’s most trusted man!

Even going to Greencliff was part of Ethan’s final mission.

Ethan felt that the legal circles were too complicated, and he only wanted to be a simple person. And by going to Greencliff, he could see Diane, and he would be able to truly follow his own heart.

That was the life he truly wanted for the past 15 years.

“From now on, do whatever you want,” said Ethan without removing the towel. “I too, will do as I wish, as long as I follow my heart.”

“Mr. Hunt, then what about me?” asked Will with his glasses so fogged up that he couldn’t see Ethan and Winston clearly.

Will had a thin and weak frame and was completely different from Ethan and Winston, who had strong bodies. He was even ridiculously fair.

“You?” asked Ethan as pulled the towel off his face and laughed. Then he looked at Will seriously. “You just need to gamble until all the casinos in Las Vegas go bust.”

Will was instantly excited.

In his eyes, Ethan had the same status as his teacher!

After tonight, it was even higher!

Will finally realized why his teacher kept saying that following Ethan wouldn’t go wrong.

“Yes, Mr. Hunt!” said Will immediately. “I will complete your mission and bankrupt them!”

Then Will suddenly howled loudly. The masseuse quickly pulled her hand back from the sole of his foot and said with a little amusement, “Sir, this acupuncture point represents your kidneys. You have slight kidney deficiency.”

The room fell into momentary silence before Ethan and Winston burst out laughing.

The night went on in silence until the sun gradually rose.

At the Ox sub-sect of Kings Sect.

The atmosphere was stern and even somewhat suppressed.

Harrison stood there for over an hour with a gloomy and anxious expression on his face but didn’t dare to utter a word.


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