Billionaire God of War Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219

Winston was very excited. He couldn’t wait to go to the next sub-sect and destroy them!

It was exhilarating going around with Ethan and doing such things!

“Geoff’s side can start,” said Ethan calmly.

Ethan didn’t go to the next sub-sect immediately.

It was too much of a hassle to look up every single one of the 12 sub-sects.

It would be better if they came looking for him.

It was just one Ox sub-sect and a tiny loss, so Dalton probably didn’t care.

Did he dare to come out even if he felt the pinch?

Ethan already asked Brother Geoff and the others to stand guard outside the Moore family estate. They weren’t going to give Dalton the chance to escape.

Kings Sect was about to be destroyed. Could he still stand by and just watch?

Ethan was curious.

The Oxen had been eradicated!

Word got out quickly. Maxwell’s death especially stirred the leaders.

The leaders of the Dragons and Tigers sat together with an uneasy expression on their faces.

“Ethan? He’s come here?” asked Milton as he stood up immediately. A shred of excitement flashed across the corner of his eyes as he continued, “He fell into our lap! Just when we wanted to kill him, he came overseas on his own!”

If Ethan was still in China, they wouldn’t be able to do anything about him. Since they couldn’t enter the country, they could only sit and watch in frustration as Ethan got off scot-free for insulting Kings Sect and them repeatedly.

But Ethan was acting recklessly now!

“Don’t be rash,” said the Tiger sub-sect leader, Cody, as he shook his head. “Maxwell is dead, and we all know his ability well. Since Ethan could kill him, he isn’t easy to handle.”

“Don’t compare ourselves to trash like Maxwell. And don’t compare the Oxen to our sub-sects,” said Milton as he shook his head. “Our sub-sects are the strongest ones in Kings Sect. Who else could Kings Sect have relied on all these years if it weren’t for us?”

He said rudely, “On Dalton?”

His voice was filled with contempt and even more dissatisfaction.

The Dragons and Tigers made up almost half of Kings Sect’s strength, yet they didn’t get the same treatment as that woman, Meredith!

“Cody, I tell you this is our only chance!” said Milton with some madness in his eyes. “Now we have the opportunity to use Ethan to kill the Chairman and then…”

Cody’s expression changed.

He didn’t think that Milton would become this crazy!

Milton wanted to become chairman and wanted to use the opportunity to wipe out all obstacles at the same time

He was really vicious!

“Milton, are you sure?” asked Cody as he narrowed his eyes and looked at him.

“Hahaha, things have already come to this stage. Why ask me if I’m certain now?” said Milton. “Kings Sect belongs to the both of us to begin with. How could there be any problem? Moreover, since the one who offended Ethan was Dalton, all his supporters can die!”

He walked up to Cody and stared hard at him with a vicious look in his eyes as he said, “After Ethan finishes all of them off, we can kill him. Then our status will naturally be the highest in Kings Sect! Kings Sect will fall into our hands when the time comes.”

Milton had really calculated all this in advance.

But Cody wasn’t stupid either.

“Humph, who is going to be chairman when the time comes, you or I?” asked Cody as he stared at Milton since Kings Sect couldn’t have two chairmen. “Or are you planning to kill me in the end as well?”

“Hahaha!” said Milton as he laughed and narrowed his eyes and looked deeply at Cody, “I will kill anyone but you. It’s no big deal. You can be the chairman, and I will be your deputy. Okay?”


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