Billionaire God of War Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227

He had escaped.

His Lordship had actually escaped.

Ethan stared at the empty doorway as his eyes glinted. He had made plans to kill His Lordship today!

He even had a backup plan to ensure that His Lordship couldn’t escape.

Ethan guessed that His Lordship would definitely appear today. His Lordship wouldn’t allow Ethan to possess one more page of the manual.

“Big Boss!” Winston and the others came running in, gasping, “We couldn’t stop them!”

There was a murderous look in Winston’s eyes as he gritted his teeth and swore, “Damn! We were so close!”

“They came prepared too,” said Ethan as he narrowed his eyes and looked into the distance in the direction they had disappeared.

He squeezed his fist. There was a conspicuous gash on its joints. The abrasion wound was so deep that even his bones were visible!

“I didn’t think that His Lordship would be this cunning. If he didn’t run, we would have killed him today,” said Winston. He almost wanted to slap himself.

They had prepared an ambush and were just waiting for His Lordship to appear.

Brother Geoff and the others were even prepared to die if it meant they could keep His Lordship here. They didn’t expect Daniel to appear at the perfect time to take His Lordship away.

“Forget it. Let him live a little longer,” said Ethan as he composed himself without seeming too bothered.

At least he had a rough idea of His Lordship’s prowess.

Just as Ethan was about to leave with his men, footsteps came from outside the estate.

“Quickly! Surround them!”

“They are inside! Don’t let them escape!”

“Ethan! Since you came knocking on our door, you must die today!”

Shouts rang out, and the estate was swiftly surrounded.

Ethan looked up to see Milton leading the other sub-sect leaders as they charged over murderously.

There was even a massive crowd of a few hundred men behind them.

Kings Sect members were here!

“Ethan!” said Milton as he walked over and instantly smiled coldly when he saw Ethan. “How dare you! How dare you humiliate Kings Sect repeatedly and even kill our brothers!”

A leader’s aura radiated from him as though he was already used to being the chairman.

“If we don’t kill you today, how can we keep our heads? How will we answer to our dead brothers?”

Cody and the other leaders stood behind Milton. They saw that Ethan only had about a dozen men and instantly felt confident.

“Come at us!” said Milton confidently. “Kill them! Kill every single one of them!”

Then the massive crowd surged towards Ethan and the others.

Ethan glanced around without any intention to fight.

He looked at Winston and the others and knew they were in a bad mood. They had meticulously prepared everything, but His Lordship caught wind of their ambush and escaped, so everyone was still feeling pissed.

And some people had come here with a death wish just at the right time.

“Satisfy him. Kill every single one of them,” said Ethan. He ignored these people while Winston and the others charged towards them like a pack of wolves.

“Kill them…”

The scent of death instantly soared into the sky!

Screams and shouts of agony surrounded them. In a matter of moments, the hall was bathed in blood!

Ethan didn’t care about Kings Sect.

Small fry like them was too boring for him.

If he had to kill anyone, it had to be a highly skilled fighter like His Lordship.

Ethan went into the study, where the butler had just stopped Dalton’s bleeding.

But Dalton had suffered from severe internal injuries, and his chances of survival were almost zero.

Ethan sat in front of Dalton and narrowed his eyes as he looked at the weak Dalton and asked, “Who is His Lordship?”


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