Billionaire God of War Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234

To most other people, this was completely unimaginable and rather unbelievable.

But to Diane, this was her dream, and now, it was the dream of everyone who worked for Palmer Group.

Ethan drove Diane towards Palmer Group’s office.

“It’s not the first time I’m running into something like this,” said Diane. “But this professor is really admirable.”

“Hubby, honestly speaking, I really want to help him. But we can’t make an exception to the rules of the company, otherwise it will make things complicated in the future.”

Rules, rules, rules. Diane always reminded herself of this word.

Rules formed the basis of Palmer Group and was the foundation of Palmer Group’s expansion, so it could not be shaken just like that.

“Yup, I know.” Ethan smiled. “You’re beginning to look the part now.”

No matter what happened, Ethan was always able to find the best part of Diane to compliment her and help her to build her confidence.

Diane held onto Ethan’s right hand. “Hubby, did you reap any rewards when you went overseas this time?”

“Yup. I’m more or less done with checking out the markets overseas, so Harold can prepare to make a move.” Ethan had one hand on the steering wheel and held Diane’s hand tightly with the other. “L’Oreal is taking the initiative to cooperate with us, and we can agree to it. But we have to bite a piece of flesh off them. No need to be polite, go ahead and negotiate whatever terms you want.”

“Should I ask for a lot?” Diane couldn’t help but start laughing. “I keep feeling bad about it. I’m afraid that Amelia has other ulterior motives and her target isn’t Palmer Group at all.”

Her eyes looked at Ethan teasingly and it was clear what she was hinting at.

“Then you just have to stamp a seal on my body and announce to the whole world that I belong to you. Won’t that do?”

“How do I do that? Where?” Diane was stunned.

“I’ll teach you tonight when we get home.”

Diane immediately understood what he meant. Her face turned red and she tugged at Ethan’s hand. She wished she could bite his hand now!

This irritating fellow never missed a chance to tease her!

“I’m driving!” said Ethan immediately.

Diane scoffed, but continued holding his hand anyway.

Even though she and Ethan had already gone past that stage long ago, she felt that every time they did it, Ethan gave her a different feeling. That sensation…

Diane really couldn’t put a finger on it, and couldn’t tell anyone about it either. Even though the Legend of Fairbanks had tried to interrogate her about it, Diane didn’t say a single word about it.

When it came to this sort of thing, nothing else mattered as long as she enjoyed it.

By the time the two of them reached the office, most of the employees had already knocked off.

Ethan parked the car and went upstairs with Diane in hand.

In the meeting room upstairs, an older man who was nearing 60 years old was seated with his back straight.

“Professor Aronnax, please have some water.”

Ashley hadn’t knocked off yet. This professor refused to leave, so she couldn’t knock off either.

“Thank you, but I don’t need any. I’ll wait for CEO Palmer.”

Enoch Aronnax was very stubborn and stood his ground like a rock. He didn’t even touch the glass and pursed his lips with a conflicted look on his face. If he hadn’t reached a dead end, he didn’t want to be like this either.

He had lived for so long and he had his pride too. But there were times where he had to choose money over pride!

Ashley had no choice and wanted to persuade him otherwise. But when she looked at his stern face, she didn’t say anything in the end.

A familiar set of high heels were clicking across the floor outside. Ashley immediately ran out.

“CEO Palmer!” She pointed at the meeting room. “The stubborn old man is still inside!”

“Alright, you can knock off now.” Diane nodded. “I’ll talk to him.”


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