Billionaire God of War Chapter 1239

Chapter 1239

A murderous look exploded from Peak’s eyes.

Peak stared at Daniel with an intensely threatening gaze.

“You work for me!” said Peak coldly. “Don’t forget that I was the one who gave you a chance to live till this day.”

Daniel smiled and replied, “Mr Peak, I know that. I’m just stating the truth here.”

He remained unhurried and confident.

Daniel knew that the mere utterance of a wrong word to someone like Peak would end in catastrophe.

But Daniel had to say that to Peak or else he would suffer a worse fate.

It was dangerous to keep company with an emperor, especially men like Peak, who wasn’t even considered a king and typically had a lousy temper.

“Humph, I’m glad you know your place!” sneered Peak, “I don’t care. Once enough pages of the manual surface, tell me immediately. I don’t want anyone beating me to it.”

“Yes, Mr Peak,” replied Daniel as he nodded.

Then Daniel paused before he continued, “Five pages of the manual have emerged to date.”

Peak’s eyes constricted.

Five pages already?

“His Lordship has two pages while a young man called Ethan possesses three other pages.”

Peak’s expression became even stranger.

“That’s not what I want to hear,” said Peak immediately, “I don’t care who has the manual now. I only care who ends up with it in the end!”

“That goes without saying. The entire manual will fall into Mr Peak’s hands eventually, but I have one suspicion,” said Daniel, “I’m worried that Ethan’s sudden appearance has something to do with His Lordship. The two of them might be putting on an act to obtain as many pages of the manual as they can.”

Put on an act?

Peak looked increasingly ferocious.

He was always unhappy with Hidden Sect. After using so much manpower and spending 20 years to locate the manual, they made little progress.

Although it was tough to find the manual, His Lordship was simply too slow.

In hindsight, it made sense since Ethan already possessed three pages of the manual.

“I don’t care who does it. Find a chance to kill him!” said Peak coldly. “Other than our reclusive clan, no one has the right to possess the manual. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mr Peak!” replied Daniel immediately.

Peak sneered, “I will explain to the family, but you better not piss me off or make me lose my patience again. Tell His Lordship he won’t get a second chance!”

Then Peak vanished without a trace.

Daniel continued standing there and stared at the red cloud symbol without saying a word for a long time.

He stood there for nearly 30 minutes before he sighed and turned to leave.


In Greencliff.

Palmer Group had started preparing to break into the foreign market.

Diane decided that integration of the local market and the company’s development abroad were to be conducted simultaneously.

Most of the businesses she had taken over from Long Group were now properly integrated.

Palmer Group was now far stronger than Long Group ever was!

In terms of finances and diversity, Palmer Group was working towards being the top in the country.

Cosmetics undoubtedly continued to be Palmer Group’s core and most competitive business.

Diane already accepted L’Oreal’s invitation to go abroad and develop their business. According to Ethan, she didn’t have to care about any changes or happenings overseas and just had to focus on what she had to do.

Although Diane was kept very busy, she was keenly aware of what she had to do about Palmer Group.


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