Billionaire God of War Chapter 1246

Chapter 1246

Even Shawn was shocked.

Shawn looked at Victoria on the stage in shock. Victoria was confident and gracious. He never knew this side of his daughter.

Was this his daughter?

Even he felt lifted by her live singing and almost couldn’t help standing up to wave both his hands in the air.

“I was truly wrong in the past,” muttered Shawn as he sighed.

If he had seen Victoria’s live performances sooner, this father and daughter wouldn’t have fought so much that they almost severed ties with each other.

“It’s not too late to know now,” said Ethan as he stood beside him.

“Brat, you must want something from me. But thanks,” sneered Shawn.

Shawn certainly knew Ethan masterminded this.

“Save your thanks. Just help me out…”

“Get lost!”


The premiere went on without a hitch, and the fans gasped in delight at the quality of the movie.

If no other accidents came their way, Victoria had undoubtedly taken her first step into the movie industry.

Victoria could play more roles in the entertainment scene after her movie became a massive hit. She could even venture abroad with Palmer Group.

After only spending a day in Starling City, Diane and Ethan returned to Greencliff.

A lot of work awaited her in Palmer Group since they were getting ready to enter the markets abroad.

Diane dragged Ethan out of bed first thing in the morning to have soup dumplings in the old town before heading to the airport.


The Tanner family’s martial arts academy had been set up in Greencliff.

Ethan had always placed great trust in Tom Foster’s work.

Ivan was initially reluctant about opening an academy. He found it preposterous to open one so far away from the Tanner family’s roots in the northern mountains.

But Tom Foster told him that the Twelve Routines Springing Leg technique was the most distinctive northern legwork, and he was doing it an injustice by only promoting it back home.

Ethan wanted to do a lot of promotion for the technique.

First, he would open a martial arts academy at Greencliff, then do the same in Fairbanks and the other cities, the southwest region, and finally the entire nation…

The technique would finally get exported overseas, just like Palmer Group!

Then those foreigners could have a close look at the prowess of the Twelve Routines Springing Leg!

Ivan’s eyes glinted. He immediately called home to get a few grandmasters to hurry over and serve as instructors.

Ivan felt comforted when he caught sight of the festively decorated martial arts academy.

“In this day and age, very few people respect Chinese martial arts. But don’t worry, Elder Tanner, the fame of the technique will continue to spread even 100 years from now,” said Tom Foster as he handed a pair of scissors over to Ivan. “Elder Tanner, it’s time to cut the ribbon.”

Ivan laughed. Then he took the scissors from Tom Foster and cut the ribbon.

Thunderous applause instantly rang!

“Hey, why do these students look so familiar?”

Ivan narrowed his eyes and glanced around. Most of the people dressed in martial arts training clothes seemed familiar to him. Weren’t they Ethan’s men?

“It doesn’t matter who the students are as long as they master the skill and bring glory to the Twelve Routines Springing Leg.”

Tom Foster laughed merrily and was about to tell Ivan to go back and rest.

A loud crash suddenly came.

Ivan and the others instantly turned to look.

Someone had pierced through the large drum standing outside the martial arts academy with a single punch!

“Twelve Routines Springing Leg is just a technique for show. How dare you open a martial arts academy to scam the people?”

The people standing in front of the large drum looked at the man who had hit the drum. He was a young man with good looks, but there was sheer arrogance on his face. Then he continued, “A crappy technique like this should have disappeared eons ago. Why did you open an academy for it?”

He raised his leg and kicked the large drum to send it flying. Then it blew up into smithereens while it flew in mid-air!

Ivan’s expression instantly altered.


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