Billionaire God of War Chapter 1255

Chapter 1255


Evan was really going mad.

What was Ethan doing?

Was he touching him like touching a dog?

Evan wanted to retaliate, but Ethan’s hand felt like a mountain when he placed it on his shoulder, so Evan was pressed down instantly.

It pressed down like the rumble of thunder and Evan couldn’t get up at all.

“He’s kowtowing to Mr. Hunt! Does this mean Mr. Hunt is his master now? Heavens, that was so sneaky of him!”

“If only I knew sooner, I would’ve kowtowed to Mr. Hunt too! That’s Mr. Hunt we are talking about here! Mr. Hunt just accepted him as his disciple!”

“I’m envious! I’m so envious of him!”

Many people around them thought Evan deliberately pulled this off to attract Ethan’s attention.

They were even more green-eyed that Evan’s ploy surprisingly paid off.

After he knelt, Ethan became his master!

He was the King of the forbidden territory of Greencliff!

Such an honor was enough to bring glory to his family.

But Evan only wanted to kill one person now. He was dying to kill Ethan.

The people looked at Evan enviously as though he had just achieved glory for his family. It made him almost want to vomit blood. What kind of clan glory is this?

Did any Drake family members need to be Ethan’s disciple to gain honor?

Evan was itching to fight. But Ethan pressed Evan’s shoulders the moment he wanted to forcibly stand up and weighed down on him like a mountain and rendered him immobile.

His calves and even the rest of his body was completely numb and felt absolutely heavy.

What trickery did he resort to?

Was such ability documented in the Extreme Fist Technique Manual? It was impossible! His father said a long time ago that the technique manual wasn’t very valuable. It was only basic fist technique, and the most important thing was the map under it.

But Ethan…

How could that be?

Evan hung his head as his mind flew into chaos. He didn’t know what he was trying to figure out or what he ought to be thinking.

Although everyone around Evan was envious, it was humiliation in his eyes!

“Learn how to be a virtuous martial artist before you pick up martial arts, got it?” said Ethan. Then he let go of Evan and turned to leave.

Meanwhile, Evan continued kneeling there for a while before standing up while the others looked at him in envy.

He wanted to charge over and kill Ethan badly even if he had to pay with his life.

Yet Evan knew it would do nothing but disgrace him if he went over. Even if he was relatively strong, he stood no chance against Ethan…

Ethan wouldn’t kill him, but he would give him an unforgettable experience!


“Hello, Senior!”

“Greetings, Senior!”

A few people dressed in the academy’s uniform walked over and greeted Evan respectfully before he had the time to realize what was going on.

Evan was stunned.


When did he become their damn senior?

Who the hell wanted to be their senior? All of them could be bloody seniors!

Evan shuddered in fury. Then he stiffened his face and turned to leave without uttering a word.

He was afraid Ethan would drive him mad if he continued staying here.

“Why did Senior leave?”

“He must be touched to get personally accepted by Mr. Hunt as his disciple. I would find a place to cry if it happened to me too.”

“Tears of joy. I get it.”

Evan didn’t want to go on listening to them.

He was worried that he might not be able to suppress himself and end up killing these envious normal folks.

Evan left the academy as though he had never set foot into it. Ethan didn’t take it to heart. Instead, he used the chance to promote the spirit of Chinese martial arts vigorously and did something good.

“Evan’s background isn’t as simple as it seems,” said Ivan as he glanced at Ethan. “Aren’t you worried about his family picking a bone with you by taking him as an apprentice?

“What must come, will come, no matter the reason,” replied Ethan, “I will just wait for them. Moreover, I think the Drake family seems to know something about the Extreme Fist Technique Manual. So if they do turn up, it might not be a bad thing.”


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