Billionaire God of War Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257

The business world was like a battlefield, and no one was truly a friend.

If people could stand to share profits, they could collaborate, but the partnership was always temporary. The moment their profits ran dry, the partnership would swiftly turn hostile.

Harold was considered highly experienced in this arena.

“Okay, I will leave you wholly in charge of expanding into the overseas market. If you need help, then let me know.”

Ethan didn’t like to get too involved.

He was always a laissez-faire boss.

He always placed trust in the people he hired.

Since he chose to give Harold a chance and he had proven himself, Ethan would stop interfering as much.

Palmer Group wasn’t very big now, but it was hardly considered small either. If Ethan and Diane had to worry over every little thing, they would die of exhaustion sooner or later.

It wasn’t worth doing it for that bit of money.

For the sake of Diane’s dream, they certainly couldn’t get exhausted.

But Ethan’s words gave Harold immense confidence.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Hunt. I will do my best to help Palmer Group expand its overseas market.”

It was now Harold’s ambition to open up Palmer Group’s foreign trade.

He wanted to steal L’Oreal’s business and expand Palmer Group’s market share. It would help the other businesses in the group to export more smoothly if he widened the path for them.

Regardless of the industry, so long as Palmer Group had it under its portfolio, Harold wanted the business to cause an impact overseas and become competitive!

“I have detailed plans for the American and European market, Mr. Hunt. Just you wait and see,” said Harold confidently.

Harold was confident about expanding the business abroad.

Ethan clearly trusted him too.

“I look forward to it,” said Ethan as he smiled.

Harold spoke no further and immediately went about with his plans.

He promised Ethan not to take any salary during his first year with Palmer Group, but he still wanted to show some results.

Anyone else would fail to understand what Harold wanted in life.

But Ethan knew what he wanted.

Sometimes when people no longer lacked money, their biggest desire was to follow the dream they used to have and fulfill them!

And Palmer Group gave Harold the platform to do so.


Palmer Group began to break into the foreign market!

At the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

It had a lot of influence overseas in North America.

Most Chinese businessmen who wanted to gain a foothold overseas would get in touch with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for their help and protection.

Other countries didn’t have the same level of law and order back home.

Other countries were far more chaotic, to put it simply, and its people might not care about the rules, principles, or the law.

After all, when one was on foreign territory, there was little that could be done if foreigners bullied you since the bulk of your resources were back home.

Not all powers operated like Kings Sect and took root overseas. In any case, Kings Sect was already destroyed..

Amelia was very enthusiastic about helping Palmer Group, so she contacted the Chinese Chamber of Commerce immediately and treated the affair even more seriously than Palmer Group.

She didn’t even consult Ethan about whether they needed her help doing so.

At the L’Oreal family residence.

Inside Amelia’s stand-alone bungalow.

There was no one else living near her bungalow because she liked it quiet and didn’t want to be disturbed.

So it was considered an honor to get invited to her home.

Amelia was the lofty and unreachable princess of the L’Oreal family.

Even the Merlyn family that held a lot of sway in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce found her inaccessible.

Malcolm Merlyn sat down in an expensive suit without a single crease on it matched with spotless, shiny leather shoes.


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