Billionaire God of War Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261

The man thought he misheard Harold, so he raised his head and looked at him.

“How much did you say Palmer Group had?”

“Not much,” replied Harold swiftly before standing up. “It appears the Chinese Chamber of Commerce has standards, and Palmer Group doesn’t qualify for your support. So let’s forget it.”

Harold turned and prepared to leave, but the man called him back.

“Wait up!”

The man immediately smiled ingratiatingly.

Hundreds of billions in market value?

That was an enormous business!

They could make quite the killing with even just 20% off its profits. Since it was such a potentially huge deal, he couldn’t let Harold walk away.

He immediately stood up and pulled out a form as he beamed brightly and he walked over.

“Hold on. I think there is some misunderstanding between us.”

The man reached his hand out and looked at Harold. Although he seemed polite, there was an undisguisable look of contempt on his face as he said, “I’m Bartel Williamson, the deputy operations director of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

But Harold only glanced at him without reaching out his hand.

Bartel Williamson was impolite when Harold tried to be friendly. Now that he heard how huge Palmer Group was and the amount of money they could bankroll, his attitude changed. Harold didn’t want to indulge Bartel.

Palmer Group never needed to fawn on anyone else!

“I’m sorry, but I changed my mind,” replied Harold. “My boss said it takes fate for deals to work, and Palmer Group clearly doesn’t have the fortune of working with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.”

Then Harold turned to leave straight away without even looking back.

Bartel Williamson looked dumbstruck as Harold left, then he slapped the form on the table and sneered, “You don’t know what’s good for you! I’ll be here waiting for you to beg the Chinese Chamber of Commerce! Without our support, can your foreign expansion go smoothly?”

Bartel smiled coldly.

If he messed up with such a huge deal, his higher-ups were going to hold him accountable.

“Get over here!” shouted Bartel to the secretary outside. She ran in immediately, “Yes, Mr Bartel.”

“Keep an eye on Palmer Group.”

“Yes, Mr Bartel.”

Bartel didn’t think that Harold would dare to not return.

After they had suffered enough, they would come looking for the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. By then, they would have to pay more than 20% of their profit.

Bartel had seen his fair share of people with a temper. In the end, they all obediently bowed to them or ran back to China with their tails between their legs.

It wasn’t easy to make a living abroad.

Harold immediately went over to Ethan’s room after returning to the hotel and told him everything.

“Sure enough, they are best at bullying their own kind,” said Ethan as he looked at Harold. “Are you planning to bow to them? Giving them 20% profit ensures that our expansion abroad will go without a hitch.”

“Palmer Group’s profits are for doing good deeds. We can’t use it to pay creeps like them.”

Harold had a clear understanding of Palmer Group’s corporate culture. Then he continued, “Moreover if I agreed to do it, I would be damaging Palmer Group’s reputation. I just can’t do it.”

Ethan smiled as he nodded and said, “Not bad, Harold! Well done. We already gave the Chinese Chamber of Commerce a chance, but they didn’t appreciate it.”

If Bartel were here to hear Ethan’s words, he would probably burst out laughing.

Give the Chinese Chamber of Commerce a chance?

These days, no one dared to speak of giving chances to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Ethan was absolutely arrogant!

Only Harold knew that Ethan wasn’t talking big. Ethan wanted to give the Chinese Chamber of Commerce a chance to share in their profits and do something meaningful to change their contemptible image back home.

But it was obviously hard for a greedy man to quit his habit, and they only learnt after they got hurt.


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