Billionaire God of War Chapter 1271

Chapter 1271

With a poof…

Flames rose to the sky!

An agonizing scream pierced through the streets and reverberated in the air.

A burning man screamed agonizingly in the dead of night in the middle of the streets. It sent a shiver down all the other men.

No one dared to go near him and save him.

They too, were drenched in petroleum after all!

It meant death to go near him!


The leader lunged at the men, but everyone dodged him. Why would anyone save him?

Brother Geoff looked down and narrowed his eyes when he heard the commotion downstairs.

All he could see from more than 50 stories above the ground was a ball of fire spinning and jumping without rest…


At Hilton Hotel.

There was one different practice when visiting a hotel abroad as compared to China.

The moment they entered these hotels, they would have to keep giving out tips.

Ethan was somewhat reluctant to pay for it.

Diane held his arm as they walked. He handed out a lot of tips the entire way before they took the lift to reach the hall where the cocktail party was held.

“Palmer Group has to create channels and build new partnerships on its own,” said Diane as she walked. “Amelia was so enthusiastic about helping us, so I’m sure she has an ulterior motive.”

“Whatever she’s up to, her target needs to agree first,” said Ethan sulkily.

“Wifey, you were never like this before,” said Ethan as he looked at Diane. “When Angelica wanted to snatch me, you weren’t worried at all. Do you mind now that it’s some foreign chick?”

Diane laughed.

“I’m not worried that she will snatch you from me,” said Diane solemnly. “I’m just wondering how the L’Oreal family managed to make their brand grow so much. There must be things worth learning from Amelia. I want to learn from them secretly!”

Ethan couldn’t help sighing as he gazed at Diane. Did he do a bad job grooming her?

Diane was too diligent and eager to learn!

“All you have to do now is work with me here. Do you get it?” asked Diane as she reached her hand out to pinch him gently on the waist. “Okay, Hubbyyyyy?”

Ethan couldn’t help himself whenever she dragged out her words like that.

He could fight dozens of advanced grandmaster fighters at the same time and go against thousands of troops single-handedly, but he could only wave his white flag and surrender whenever Diane acted adorably.

The lift arrived on their floor.

Ethan held Diane’s hand and walked out.

Gentle music could be heard before they even reached the hall.

It was Chinese classical music.

Many people had already arrived. It was evident that all of them were Chinese businessmen with the same kind of eyes and skin color.

Ethan signed in at the entrance before he led Diane in.

Since they shared a common language, it was easy to communicate. It made them feel a sense of belonging to be here.

Diane had become far more conversant and graceful. Her exquisite long evening dress was amazing. The moment she appeared, all eyes were on her.

She greeted them by nodding her head.

Ethan looked equally extraordinary in his suit. They were a perfect match!

Diane chatted with some Chinese businessmen from the southeast region before long.

They were very surprised when they found out she was from Palmer Group. After all, Palmer Group was quite renowned in the southeast region.


Inside a hotel VIP room.

Amelia elegantly sat there like a goddess. People couldn’t help taking a second look at her but didn’t dare to stare blatantly.

Malcolm Merlyn smiled calmly and appeared unhurried. Although he kept staring at Amelia, there wasn’t a hint of desire in his pure eyes.


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