Billionaire God of War Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272

“Miss Amelia, you’re so good to your friends.”

Malcolm didn’t think Amelia would organize a cocktail party just to introduce her friends to those Chinese business contacts that she asked him to bring.

“I thought you were only going to say hi to me.”

Amelia just smiled.

“Since we call ourselves friends, then we are true friends for sure.”

She looked at Malcolm and said, “I will remember you for your help.”

“Hahaha, you’re too kind, Miss Amelia. This is nothing. Those Chinese businessmen need opportunities like this to network and make money too.”

Then he narrowed his eyes as he said, “The more money they make, the more the Chinese Chamber of Commerce stands to profit. Hahahaha!”

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce often served to help its members make connections.

Although no money was exchanged and it was just a matter of talking, it was highly beneficial to its members.

“That goes without saying. The influence the Chinese Chamber of Commerce holds overseas is undoubtedly high. Even the L’Oreal family thinks it is influential,” said Amelia. “I don’t want to make things hard for you. It’s up to Palmer Group to please you, and I will only help them to get acquainted with you.”

“I understand,” he replied. He knew what she was driving at.

Since Amelia wasn’t enthusiastic, then the same went for the L’Oreal family.

It didn’t sound like Amelia was trying to connect them. Instead, she was trying to make him slaughter Palmer Group!

But Amelia was still able to act naturally and Malcolm couldn’t help laughing coldly in his heart. Sure enough, the L’Oreal family’s princess wasn’t as simple as she appeared.

Bartel pushed the door open and walked in. “Young Master Merlyn, everything is ready for the cocktail party.

Bartel looked upset. He had just caught wind of the news about Palmer Group’s office space and was deeply annoyed.

The man he sent to teach Palmer Group a lesson had been burnt to death!

“Okay. Since everything is ready, let me go see my friend,” said Amelia. She got up and clinked glasses gently with Malcolm before taking a sip. “Young Master Merlyn, thanks.”

Her every expression could almost pull others into a vortex!

Even though Malcolm knew that he could neither win Amelia’s favor nor dared to win it, he couldn’t help feeling attracted to her.

“Okay, see you later.”

After Amelia left the VIP room, she didn’t go to the main hall. Instead, she went through the backdoor and left straight away.

Why should she watch Ethan and Diane get clingy?

She wasn’t that free.

Instead, Amelia was truly keen on waiting to watch the drama which was about to unfold.

Malcolm finished the red wine in his wine glass in the VIP room before suppressing his heart’s restlessness.

“You don’t look good,” said Malcolm calmly as he looked at Bartel’s sunken face.

“I’m fine,” replied Bartel. He didn’t dare to tell the truth.

He didn’t dare to tell Malcolm about the embarrassment he caused the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. If Malcolm found out, he would kill Bartel!

Malcolm didn’t ask further and stood up to walk out.

Although Amelia was the cocktail party organizer, Malcolm was the one who gathered these guests here. He did Amelia the favor so that Palmer Group could have the chance to rub shoulders with potential partners.

But since when were such opportunities given out for free?

“I’d like to find out who can make Amelia care so much,” said Malcolm as he opened the door and walked out. “Palmer Group, right? You better do your best to please me!”


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