Billionaire God of War Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276

That was Malcolm they were talking about!

He was the Merlyn family’s eldest son and their heir, as well as an influential member in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce!

Ethan probably kicked Palmer Group’s entire future away. What a great loss that would be.

Everyone looked at Ethan and couldn’t help shaking their heads. He was young. He was still too young. Ethan was too hotblooded to suffer any injustice. So what if Palmer Group had to give up 20% of profit annually?

One had to spend money to make money!

It was too bad that they weren’t in time to teach Ethan and Diane about this.

Dozens of ferocious men had already charged over, and they looked absolutely murderous!

“Wifey, stand back, so the blood doesn’t get on you.”

Ethan stood there composedly.

Ethan slapped them a few dozen times in a row!

Each slap sent a man flying right out. After rolling on the ground a few times, they would curl up and howl in agony.

The crisp sound of the slapping made everyone’s scalp go numb!

They could even sense that Ethan’s slaps had probably broken their facial bones to bits!

It all happened within 30 seconds. Bartel’s face turned pale as he looked at the men lying on the ground.

“You…you…” said Bartel. His lips parted, but he was unable to utter a word. Bartel stood in front of Malcolm but felt as though his legs were trembling slightly!

Who the hell was he?

He gave each one of them a slap!

These bodyguards were highly skilled fighters but couldn’t even withstand a single slap from Ethan!

“How dare you make trouble!” shouted Bartel coldly, “Do you know who Young Master Merlyn is?”

“I have no idea. I’m not interested either,” said Ethan as he towered over them and looked at them. “I have never met people like you. I said I wasn’t interested, but you kept begging us to join the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Can you have some pride?”


This time, it was Malcolm and not Bartel whose face flushed right after turning pale.

Beg them?

Did the Chinese Chamber of Commerce shamelessly beg Palmer Group to join them?

“I think Miss Amelia has been mixing with the wrong company,” said Ethan rudely in a bright voice. “I did her a favor by turning up, but I think my efforts were wasted. It was such a disappointment. I will remind her to choose her friends wisely!”

Then Ethan sneered without speaking further and held Diane’s hand as they turned to leave right away.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

What did Ethan just say?

Was he just doing Miss Amelia a favor by coming here and that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce left him disappointed?

Was he referring to Amelia from the L’Oreal family?

He audaciously said that the L’Oreal family’s princess mixed with the wrong company!

Everyone looked at Ethan and Diane as they left without even daring to breathe loudly.

Ethan offended Amelia and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in one fell swoop.

Did Palmer Group still want to expand?

Did Palmer Group still want to break into the overseas market?

They could dream on!

“Stop them…stop them!” shouted Malcolm loudly as he watched Ethan leave, but there were no other men left standing. All of them had fallen to the ground and were howling excruciatingly.

“Young Master Merlyn…there is no one else left!” said Bartel as he gulped. “Who…who on earth are they?”

He didn’t think anyone would dare to touch Malcolm. Did they have some death wish?

“Palmer Group! Palmer Group!” shouted Malcolm as he gnashed his teeth.

“Palmer Group?’ asked Bartel as his heart hastily palpitated. “How could it be them?”

Then Malcolm looked at Bartel in agony and asked, “Do you know them?”


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