Billionaire God of War Chapter 1281

Chapter 1281

Jasmine was pretty. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gotten conned by a prostitution ring from abroad.

She knew what these men were thinking when she detected the glint in their eyes.

Jasmine shook her head and struggled to wrest herself free, but she knew a woman like her was incapable of running away from them.

“Wait a little while more,” said Bartel as he looked at Jasmine and felt equally tempted.

The woman looked very charming. Just her eyes alone were extremely seductive.

They found out that the woman was in contact with one of the men who ambushed them at Palmer Group’s headquarters, so they immediately abducted Jasmine.

Some of these men were the ones whom Brother Geoff and the others beat up the other day, so they couldn’t wait to do Jasmine on the spot.

“I will ask Young Master Merlyn,” replied Bartel without daring to make a decision.

Malcolm was beaten until he fell and rolled on the ground in front of all the Chinese businessmen. It had a huge impact on the Merlyn family’s dignity.

He was keenly aware that they couldn’t allow Palmer Group to gain a foothold here. Or else, what would the other Chinese businessmen think?

If they could gain entry overseas without paying the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for their support, then everyone else would follow suit!

Ethan was trying to destroy the Chinese Chamber of Commerce’s prestige!

How could Malcolm let this happen?

“Don’t do anything to her yet. Let me ask Young Master Merlyn. Even if we can have her, I get to go first!” sneered Bartel as he glanced at the others. “Stay and stand guard!”

Then he took his phone and walked towards the door.

The men smiled as they walked up in front of Jasmine. The wicked smiles on their faces made her tremble hard.

She could only make noises like this as her mouth was gagged. This made them feel even more stimulated.

“Be good. Don’t get anxious. You won’t be afraid in a while!”

“Damn, did you know your man broke my leg? I’m going to take it out on you today!”

“You have such good complexion. I’m sure you will fetch a good price if we sell you.”

The awful things they said terrified Jasmine.

Was she getting sold into prostitution again?

She could only choose to die!


A car drove swiftly on the road.

Number Five sat in the car with his eyes red with Brother Geoff and the others. No one had ever seen Number Five like this.

Number Five truly loved Jasmine.

“Don’t worry. Things will be fine,” consoled Brother Geoff as he patted his shoulder. “I swear whoever dares to touch your woman will die a horrible death!”

There were murderous looks on the faces of Number Three, Number Four and Number Six too.

They wouldn’t even bat an eye in the face of death, but if anyone threatened their loved ones, they would never let those scoundrels off!

“Hello?” said Ethan as he answered his phone in the front seat. “Have you found something? Send me the exact location!”

Ethan didn’t bother to chat with Kent.

Very quickly, Ethan received the location of the warehouse. He turned the steering wheel so swiftly that black fumes rose from the wheels!

Ethan looked like he was going to kill someone. Although he sat in silence, the light in his eyes was terrifying.

Outside the old warehouse.

Bartel was talking to Malcolm on the phone, “Young Master Merlyn, we caught her. It’s the girlfriend of one of Ethan’s men. Shall we take care of her?”

He knew that Malcolm typically closed a blind eye regarding such matters. Especially since Palmer Group offended the Merlyn family, Malcolm naturally wanted to give Ethan and the rest a warning.

“Don’t worry. We won’t kill her. We will let Palmer Group know what happens when they lose our support!” shouted Bartel. “None of their female employees will ever dare to work abroad!”


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