Billionaire God of War Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292

Malcolm clutched his face and gritted his teeth. “I…”

“A number of our partners have reached the end of their agreements this year and I allowed them to renew their contracts, but they actually said that they needed to think about it.”

This was something that had never happened before. Who would dare to turn Jasper down?

But those Chinese businesses actually turned him down and said they needed to think about it first. Did they even have a choice in the first place?

Jasper immediately went to investigate this matter, to find that the Merlyn family’s businesses had been sabotaged in so many places.

This was definitely something that had absolutely never happened before. In Las Vegas, who would dare to strike the Merlyn family besides those few powers?

Everyone worked for profit. Offending the Merlyn family was the same as offending the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, so they could forget about getting any benefits from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

But now the very thing that the Merlyn family counted on was wavering!

“I don’t know what’s happened either,” said Malcolm. “Dad, you must believe me!”

“Humph, I’m telling you, do not think that I’m clueless about these things. Malcolm, you’re the heir to the Merlyn family. But if you ever do anything that harms the Merlyn family’s benefits, then don’t blame me for being nasty!” shouted Jasper. “Go and settle this matter right now!”

“Yes, Dad!”

Malcolm was furious as he turned and left.

He knew who did this. Palmer Group!

He knew that Palmer Group had managed to open for business while his family’s businesses had been sabotaged everywhere, making the other Chinese merchants think that there was a problem in the Merlyn family.

Since Palmer Group could successfully gain a foothold overseas without relying on the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, then why couldn’t they do that too?

Why should they continue to pay the Chinese Chamber of Commerce fees?

Whatever for!

Ever since Ethan had sent him sprawling on the ground at that banquet, Malcolm had been worried that this would happen. And in the end, it really did happen.

“In that case, I’ll have to make Palmer Group disappear forever!”

A nasty glint flashed in Malcolm’s eyes.

At the same time.

Palmer Group’s overseas branch was officially open!

They had unveiled the signboard, cut the ribbon and went through all the usual ceremonies. Harold was even slightly superstitious and lit some joss sticks to bow in the direction of the God of Wealth.

The office was done with renovations.

Harold walked in after Diane and Ethan had just taken a seat.

“Mr. Hunt, there are some Chinese merchants here, they said they would like to congratulate Palmer Group for setting up an overseas branch.”

“Let them come in,” said Ethan calmly.

In no time, some businessmen walked in and behaved very politely.

“Congratulations, congratulations!”

“Congratulations Palmer Group, for opening an office overseas!”

“CEO Palmer, Mr. Hunt, this is a joyous occasion!”

There was a complicated expression on their faces and their hearts were even more tumultuous.

They had come overseas to expand their business for many years and they had paid a few hundred million to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce over all these years. It really hurt them to pay this money, but they didn’t have a choice.

But early this morning, someone sent them flowers and an apology letter, which was written personally by the boss of the illegal circle in this district. The letter was clear and stated that they would never disturb nor affect their business anymore, and hoped that the merchants would not be angry.

All of them were so shocked by this.

Everyone knew that the illegal circle of each district was a mess.

Those people were not to be trifled with. And in this country, many of them had guns, so if you weren’t careful, you might get shot dead!

But now, these same people actually apologized and asked for their forgiveness.

Everyone had been in business long enough and were intelligent enough to figure this out quite quickly.

Palmer Group!

Those people were afraid of Palmer Group!

It was because Ethan from Palmer Group had disallowed the illegal circles to harass Chinese run businesses, otherwise they would have to bear the consequences!

Those words were like putting a sword against those people’s necks!


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