Billionaire God of War Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303

But Malcolm didn’t expect Nate to be so frightened by Ethan that he would rather betray him, kidnap him, get money from the Merlyn family and leave the city.

“It looks like Young Master Merlyn really doesn’t know anything.”

Nate looked at Malcolm’s reaction and realized he really didn’t know anything. He couldn’t help but call Malcolm an idiot in his heart.

“Do you know how the Moore family disappeared? Do you know how Kings Sect vanished?”

“It’s all because of this Ethan! He wanted the Moore family dead and Kings Sect to disappear!”

Malcolm felt like he couldn’t hear anything anymore.

His mind went blank and he could barely think anymore.

Ethan…was such a terrifying character?

Ethan was the one who killed off the Moore family!

Ethan was the one who wiped out Kings Sect!

How could he…how could he be so scary?

“Young Master Merlyn, I really admire you for trying to go up against Ethan and even trying to kill the people in Palmer Group. Didn’t you know that Ethan protects his own people the most?”

Nate shook his head and scoffed. He didn’t waste anymore time and left with his men, leaving Malcolm to sit there in a daze.

He got his money, so he had to leave now. As for Malcolm…

He didn’t have to do anything. Who could offend Ethan and still live to tell the tale?

Malcolm was completely stunned and sat there for a long time without moving.

His body was trembling, and even his soul was trembling.

He had heard about how the Moore family and Kings Sect no longer existed. He was still discussing with his father a few days ago about how this could have happened.

They thought it was an internal fight that resulted in them killing each other. He never thought that…it would turn out to be Ethan!

Malcolm gulped and his lips were trembling. “Finished! We’re finished! We’re doomed!”

The Merlyn family had offended Ethan!

He immediately climbed to his feet and started running back home like a mad man.


At the Merlyn house.

Jasper received a call from Nate and sent people to pick Malcolm up after he confirmed that his son was still alive.

He couldn’t get out of the house himself because the heads of the other two families that controlled the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Keane family and Weaver family, were both here.

The fragrance of tea filled the large hall.

Even though they had lived overseas for many years, they still preferred to drink tea and never drank coffee.

“A total of 13 merchants terminated their contracts, including six of them whose contracts have expired. Jasper, this situation doesn’t look good.”

The head of the Keane family, Rodger Keane, glanced at Jasper as he narrowed his eyes and didn’t look friendly at all. “I’m very curious as to what exactly happened to the Merlyn family. You should tell us.”

“That’s right. If something’s happened to the Merlyn family, then that’s your business. But if your business ends up affecting the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and implicates the Weaver family and Keane family, then who’s going to bear the losses?”

The head of the Weaver family, Ardon Weaver, looked extremely displeased as well.

The news of how the Young Master of the Merlyn family got kidnapped really made the reputation of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce drop to rock bottom!

If they couldn’t even protect their own family, then how were they going to protect the Chinese merchants?

What right would they have to collect 20% of their annual profits as part of their membership fee?

“Both of you have worried for nothing,” said Jasper directly. “There are no problems with the Merlyn family, and all this is just a misunderstanding.”

He continued calmly, “My son is fine, he was just too playful. This won’t affect the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.”

“That’s not how you should be putting it. You’re not the only one who decides whether it affects us or not,” Rodger Keane scoffed. “The Chinese Chamber of Commerce doesn’t only belong to the Merlyn family. It belongs to all three of us!”


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