Billionaire God of War Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313

The kindhearted Diane was adorable and attractive.

The cheeky Diane was even more mesmerizing.

Now she was a little s*xy and tantalizing, so Ethan felt like he had fallen into a huge pool of water and he was going to drown even if he knew how to swim.

“Wifey, don’t worry. I’m just going to check on the enemy lines and I won’t be taken prisoner!” replied Ethan very seriously.

He couldn’t be bothered and didn’t even change his clothes.

When Amelia saw that Ethan was standing in front of her dressed so casually, she had a look of surprise on her face.

“This is the most high class restaurant in all of Las Vegas,” she said quietly.

“That’s right. It’s a place where people eat.”

Ethan smiled and pulled the chair for himself to sit without being gentlemanly at all. He even stretched his hand out and said, “Please take a seat.”

Amelia was already used to Ethan’s behavior.

She was dressed very differently from the way she usually was.

Amelia was in a short skirt with black stockings and a short leather jacket. Her clothes accentuated her curves perfectly.

She had purposely walked in front of Ethan but his attention was all on the menu. This made her annoyed immediately.

“You’re treating today, right?” Ethan’s head was still buried in the menu.

“That’s right,” replied Amelia in a huff.

Was eating very important?

Didn’t he know anything about how beauty could satisfy hunger as well?

She was seated right across from him but he didn’t even want to look at her.

She looked down at her outfit for the day and scoffed quietly. She had tried several styles already, and dressed differently each time she met Ethan.

Even her makeup was different each time, but it didn’t seem to make a difference to Ethan.

“Mr. Hunt, you can order anything you like. Eat whatever you want. Of course, if you want to eat something else, I can get it for you too.”

Ethan looked up at Amelia’s face. “Including yourself?”

“Of course, but I doubt you’re interested,” said Amelia. “If you were interested, you would have polished me off by now, I wouldn’t refuse you.”

“Speak properly,” said Ethan.

Amelia sat up straight and looked directly at Ethan. Her expression was rather stern and even a little angry.

“Mr. Hunt, don’t you think that ignoring a woman like that is very rude?”

“If I were ugly or I dressed really badly, then I wouldn’t have anything to say. But I…”

“Forget it.” She just scoffed and flipped through the menu. She called a waiter and ordered a few things she liked to eat.

“These few items, and give him the same thing. Also, I want two bottles of wine, the type I usually drink.”

“Yes, Miss Amelia.”

She was clearly a regular customer here.

Ethan had noticed it when he came in. Their table wasn’t in a private room and it was in the middle of the main dining hall. There were even a few tables not too far from them.

It was impossible for someone like Amelia to be unable to get a private room.

This woman had clearly done this on purpose.

The food was soon served. It was clear that VIP guests got preferential treatment.

Ethan concentrated on eating and Amelia got angrier and angrier as she saw this. But she kept a faint smile on her face.

She felt that Ethan was doing this on purpose.

He was deliberately pretending not to look at her and pretending to ignore her charms. She had seen such men before. They would eventually reveal their true selves in the end!

But Amelia soon discovered that Ethan seriously didn’t look at her at all. All his attention was focused on nothing but eating!

Seriously now?!

Amelia coughed a couple of times.

Ethan looked up. “The food’s really good, you’ve picked a really nice place. Say it. Why did you call me out for dinner?”


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