Billionaire God of War Chapter 1787

Chapter 1787

“Not many. Our informant says around a hundred men,” replied Malcolm’s subordinate.

Even if the number of men who had come were few, those were Holy Sword Mercenary Army’s soldiers!

Rumor had it that their commander, Warwick, was a demon who killed without batting an eyelid!

“Just slightly over a hundred?” Malcolm was a little stunned.

But with just a little over a hundred men, they didn’t seem to be here to start a war. With so few people, they would be killed before even reaching the camp.

Furthermore, Ethan and the wolves were all still here.

Even if a thousand men came, he wasn’t scared.

But since they were so few in number and weren’t here to make trouble, Malcolm had to be polite to them. At the same time, he had to remain vigilant.

“Prepare to receive our guests,” said Malcolm. “Also, get four troops to prepare for battle.”

“I’ll go outside and receive them myself.”

“Yes, sir!”

Orders went out and everyone got into position.

The Merlyn family army was extremely efficient now, so Malcolm’s orders went down quickly.

Malcolm walked to the entrance to the camp and the two rows of mercenary soldiers stood straight. They wanted to show the powerful presence of the Merlyn family army, as well as their great confidence!

The oncoming jeeps sounded their horns and parked in a row outside without entering the campsite.

That was a show of respect to the Merlyn family army.

The car door opened and Warwick got out. A group of bodyguards protected him on all sides.

“Commander Warwick!” Malcolm smiled and spoke politely, “What brings you here today?”

“I’ve heard all about how you have an extraordinary presence, and today I’m seeing it for myself.”

“Young Master Merlyn, you’re too kind,” Warwick nodded. He was pleased that Malcolm had taken the initiative to greet him since he was the younger person after all.

He turned and noticed that the soldiers standing on both sides were not in formation for a fight, but to welcome him. Malcolm was a very detailed man. He knew that Warwick wasn’t here for a fight, so he made arrangements accordingly.

“I heard that the Merlyn family army has recently won several battles and yours is the only army left in the southwestern region, right?”

Warwick didn’t mention that the five army coalition was his idea.

“This is all thanks to Commander Warwick. Since you gave us such a wonderful opportunity, then I can’t let you down,” said Malcolm politely with a smile.

These words immediately turned something that should have been a point of conflict into a favor.

Warwick enjoyed hearing these words and Malcolm said them easily.

“Commander, this way please!” Malcolm stretched his arm out to show Warwick in.

Warwick nodded and walked in with Malcolm just a step behind him. He was very good at showing respect to others.

The welcome team immediately started playing music and showered ribbons to make the atmosphere lively.

Most others would have been super nervous and antsy if a big shot like Warwick came to visit. They would have remained fearful even if their guest wasn’t here to create any trouble.

It was rare to find someone so young but calm and composed like Malcolm.

Warwick realized that the Merlyn family army had risen so quickly not only because Ethan backed them, but also because Malcolm was capable.

If he wasn’t capable, Ethan wouldn’t have picked him either.

Malcolm was very polite and showed Warwick into the main hall.

“In this region, Commander Warwick’s name is a legend, and I heard about you from my first day here. I’m so honored to be able to actually see you in person!”


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