Billionaire God of War Chapter 1788

Chapter 1788

Malcolm got someone to serve the tea. “Commander, here’s some tea from our hometown, please try some.”

Warwick picked up the teacup and took a sip. He didn’t seem worried that there was anything poisonous in this tea.

Ethan’s subordinates did not need to stoop to such despicable means.

And they definitely did not do such things.

“The younger ones are really rising up,” said Warwick. “If you belonged to the same generation as myself, then I don’t think I would have stood a chance.”

“Oh no, how could you say that,” Malcolm quickly shook his head. This was a difficult conversation to continue and most people would have become terribly nervous by now, because it was hard to tell what Warwick meant by these words. “I’ve always treated you as my target, and I’ve made it so far because I’ve learnt from you.”

“And the more I’ve learnt, the more I’ve realized there are so many areas I need to learn. I just hope that when I turn forty, I’d be able to catch a glimpse of your success. That’s enough to make me feel proud.”

“HAHAHA!” Warwick burst out laughing.

Malcolm was very good with words and everything he said sounded so pleasant. Even though these were just polite words, they still made Warwick feel good.

“Young fellow, I like you very much!”

Malcolm smiled and didn’t reply to him. He picked up his teacup and toasted Warwick, then both of them drank the tea down.

“I’ve come here to take a look,” said Warwick. “I wanted to see how formidable this legendary Merlyn family army is, and I wanted to see who this great Young Master Merlyn is as well.”

“In this war torn region, there’s always someone who rises and someone who falls. Disappearing into thin air is very normal. One wrong decision could very well kill you instantly.”

“I will remember what you have taught me,” said Malcolm.

Warwick nodded. “Many people have been wondering why I’m here, and I don’t think you know why either.”

Malcolm didn’t say anything.

It was true that he had no idea.

He didn’t think it was a good thing for Warwick to have an eye on him. He had been worried about this up until the night before. But when he thought about how Ethan was still sitting in the backyard, he stopped panicking.

Ethan had gone to say hello to Warwick, and Malcolm didn’t expect this gesture to turn out so well.

Neither of them talked about Ethan and just behaved like old friends who hadn’t met in a long time. They chatted casually and sounded like a senior giving a junior some pointers and tips.

If others were here, they might not have believed that Warwick could be so even tempered.

“In order to congratulate the Merlyn family army on its formation, I’ve brought you some gifts.”

Warwick clapped his hands and someone brought a list of items in.

There were weapons, ammunition…

And there was even an armored vehicle!

This was very expensive.

Malcolm quietly took a deep breath and Warwick noticed it. That was the first reaction he had seen from Malcolm that resembled a reaction of someone his age.

“Commander Warwick, this…”

This gift was too valuable.

Malcolm didn’t dare to accept a gift that landed in his hands for no reason.

There was no free lunch in this war torn region at all.

Every item had an invisible price tag on it. If you wanted it, you had to pay the price!

Those were the rules and nobody could break those rules!

“This is the price I’m paying in order to survive,” whispered Warwick calmly.

These words made Malcolm’s heart pound wildly.

In order to survive?

Did Warwick just say that this was the price he was paying in exchange for his own life? Was he kidding?

Was the great commander of the top mercenary in the Middle East, Warwick, here to pay him protection fees?!


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