Billionaire God of War Chapter 1791

Chapter 1791

Malcolm’s heart shuddered.

He was still stunned. A storm was coming?

“Mr. Hunt, what should I do?”

Malcolm didn’t know what to do when something like that suddenly happened.

He didn’t even know what storm was coming. Warwick had just come for a short visit and it was going to cause a storm?

Ethan glanced at Malcolm.

This boy was quite smart and rather gifted, but he was still inexperienced and hadn’t seen much.

Things changed in an instant on this battlefield!

Those powerful mercenary armies were all backed by Third World powers, and these financial backers poured a lot of money and resources into these armies. They weren’t doing all this for nothing.

They were doing this for more benefits!

“You guys drank tea, right?” asked Ethan.

That was the way they showed hospitality to guests.

“Yes. Commander Warwick didn’t like it too much,” nodded Malcolm.

Warwick had taken the tea out of courtesy. He didn’t like tea and had to stop himself from frowning.

“That’s a chance for others to create trouble.”

Ethan thought about it carefully.

This was the only part of the process that could be manipulated. If Ethan did this, he could make a huge story out of this.

Malcolm stared at Ethan and gulped.

“So I…”

“From now on, you’ve been poisoned,” said Ethan simply.

“Poisoned?” Malcolm’s eyes widened.

Why was he suddenly poisoned now?

“You’ve not only been poisoned, but your life is in danger and you’re in an emergency situation. You might die anytime and you’re very weak,” said Ethan calmly as he looked at Malcolm. “Send this story out while you stay here with me. Do not go anywhere nor see anybody until this matter is settled.”

Malcolm was still lost but he was willing to listen to anything Ethan said.

Jasper came over in no time.

He listened to Ethan’s arrangement, then turned to Malcolm and said, “Listen to Mr. Hunt!”

Then he ran out.

The news spread like wildfire. Malcolm had been poisoned!

The Merlyn family army immediately became anxious. Nobody expected Malcolm to have been poisoned.

“Let me go in to see him!” Several commanders ran over from the training facilities and looked terribly anxious, but the wolves stood outside the door and didn’t let anyone in.

“He’s being treated right now, so if you go in now, you might end up killing him!” Brother Geoff glared at them. “All of you have to wait!”

“Wait?! Who will lead us if Young Master Merlyn dies?”

“Young Master Merlyn must not die! This homeland needs him!”

“Who did this?! How dare someone poison him?! I’m going to kill him!”

“You must get him the best doctor!”

They knew that Jasper had already gotten a doctor to save Malcolm, but there was no update on the situation and everyone was very worried.

“Just do what you’re supposed to be doing!” Brother Geoff saw them pace the area repeatedly and said impatiently, “Use your brains! Since someone wanted to kill him, it means someone wants to kill all of you!”

“So all of you must guard this camp well! Don’t let anyone hide in the darkness and get the chance to kill the rest of you!”

All the commanders seemed to have suddenly woken up to these words. They looked at each other and understood what Brother Geoff was saying.

Since someone wanted to kill Malcolm, it meant that other troubles would arise.

“Got it!” The commanders nodded and went back to increase the security levels around the camp.

Brother Geoff stood at the door and wrinkled his nose.

“How are these fellows dumber than me?”

Malcolm was sitting inside the room and heard how everyone outside was worried and anxious about him, but he couldn’t go out and explain things to them.

“Are you saying that something will happen to Commander Warwick?”


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