Billionaire God of War Chapter 1793

Chapter 1793

The entire region was thrown into chaos immediately!

There were some who thought that Malcolm was the one who poisoned Warwick, since the only information was that Warwick drank tea at the Merlyn family’s.

If there was a chance to poison Warwick, then this was the only chance.

But now, Malcolm had also been poisoned?

And news of his poisoning had spread earlier than Warwick’s.

What was going on?

“Are you sure Malcolm got poisoned first?”

“Yes! Malcolm is still in emergency treatment, while Warwick just reached his castle. It’s a difference of about an hour.”

“Who did this?! What a vicious person! He not only tried to get rid of someone who’s been rising recently, but he also got rid of the head of a veteran army like Warwick!”

“I don’t care who did it. Warwick is dead, so that castle doesn’t belong to anybody now.”

There were all sorts of opinions flying around.

Many mercenary armies took this chance to take action.

The best situation in a warzone was chaos.

Chaos gave them a chance for a change, and a chance for them to climb higher.

Every time things became chaotic, someone would take the chance to kill off their opponents, get more resources and rise by another level. Of course, there were also people who just completely withdrew and disappeared from the warzone in such situations.

This time, because the one who died was Warwick, nobody cared about what happened to the Merlyn family army anymore.

Compared to the Holy Sword Mercenary Army, the Merlyn family army was nothing.

If the Merlyn family army was behind this, then the next few mercenary armies that were ranked behind Holy Sword Mercenary Army could use this as an excuse to attack the Merlyn family army and ignite a big battle.

But Malcolm turned out to be a victim as well.

It was not right for them to attack a victim.

So the only thing they could do now was to pretend to fight in the name of justice and avenge Warwick while trying to figure out who was the one behind this.

The smell of war filled the air as all the mercenary armies all stood ready to fight.

The Merlyn family army campsite was no different.

All the construction work had stopped and all the soldiers were now concentrating on protecting their home.

Malcolm was still undergoing emergency treatment.

In Ethan’s room.

“Checkmate,” called out Malcolm.

He looked up at Ethan and saw Ethan frown, so he immediately picked up the chess piece that he had placed on the board. “Ok, I won’t checkmate you, I’ll take back this move.”

Ethan wasn’t too bad at playing Chinese chess, but Malcolm was even better at it and had won several games already. Jasper watched them from the side and he was about to faint.

Why was his son so stupid?!

“It’s alright, go ahead,” Ethan shook his head. “You can win another round.”

Malcolm glanced at Jasper and Jasper nearly shouted at him. His son could win anyone at chess but Ethan! He hadn’t trained his son in chess since he was a child so he could do this!

“Checkmate then.” Malcolm put the piece back on the board.

Ethan had no more moves left, so he’d lost again.

“I’ve lost.” Ethan didn’t beat around the bush.

“Mr. Hunt, you’ve been too kind,” said Malcolm.

He had no idea why Ethan suddenly wanted to play chess with him. And he had chosen to play Chinese chess, which was something that Malcolm had been excellent at since he was a child.

The situation outside was so tense and all the mercenary armies were ready to take this chance to go to war with one another.

If Ethan hadn’t reacted in time and gotten him to pretend that he was poisoned first, all these armies would definitely charge towards the Merlyn family army first!

“Do you understand now?” asked Ethan as he pointed to the chess board.

“Yes,” nodded Malcolm.

“How much do you understand?”

“Most of it.”


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