Billionaire God of War Chapter 1794

Chapter 1794

Jasper felt like he was watching a mime or something. Ethan and Malcolm were speaking in a language he understood, but he didn’t understand what was going on at all.

The two of them had gone through a few games of chess and Ethan lost all the way, so Jasper was afraid that Ethan might be unhappy about that.

But Ethan didn’t have any expression at all and didn’t seem bothered.

“Warwick died at a bad time, but it’s a good time as well.”

“He was like a candle, burning himself in order to light the way for others.”

“He lived a noble life and died a quiet death.”

Ethan sighed. This wasn’t his original plan, but Warwick was stupid and made a big mistake, so he had to change all his plans.

Thankfully, the situation wasn’t too bad.

“The Merlyn family army doesn’t have to become number one in this area, but they have to be able to hold their ground and maintain their position in this place. This current situation is a good chance to do that.”

Malcolm could see that Ethan had been guiding him through these few games of chess.

It was necessary to win a war, but there were different ways of winning it and it meant different things.

There were those who were powerful like Warwick. He won many victories and became a legend.

But when someone wanted him to die, he had to die anyway and couldn’t escape it at all. He was in such a high position, so there were plenty of people with their eyes on him.

The Merlyn family army couldn’t go down this road. On the contrary, they had to remain low key.

“In just two more days, you can make a move. Two days is enough for you to regain consciousness after emergency treatment.”

“Got it.” Malcolm nodded.

He understood what Ethan meant and knew what he had to do next.

A hero often came out of a chaotic situation, but nobody wanted to be a hero in this sort of place.

The messier the place was, the more everyone would cling onto the concept of building their homeland.

While everywhere else was filled with gunfire and everyone was in danger of dying, the Merlyn family army campsite would remain at peace and become a shelter. What sort of sensation would this create?

This would make more people believe in this concept!

This would make those within this campsite cherish it even more and protect it with their lives.

That was the sort of emotions that Malcolm wanted to stir up.


Back in Silicon Valley.

Jimmy had already received the news.

He had to admit that Krishan was really formidable, especially in the use of poison.

He had just disguised himself as a guard outside, and the few seconds he had with Warwick was enough to make Warwick die so quietly.

Jimmy applauded and his expression was filled with admiration. “Mr Drake, your abilities are really amazing.”

“Warwick is dead, so all the Third World powers have their eye on the Middle East and are waiting to reap a harvest. Once they take action, we’ll get a chance.”

Krishan sat across from him with no expression on his face.

Killing someone was very simple.

But their original plan was to take this chance to make everyone turn on the Merlyn family army and draw Ethan out, but Ethan realized this so quickly.

He didn’t even give them a chance.

“I don’t care about what you want to achieve. I just care about whether I can get what I want,” snapped Krishan rudely.

“I’ve done what I was supposed to do, so it’s your turn to prove yourself.”

He glared at Jimmy and the iciness in his eyes sent a clear message.

If he could kill someone like Warwick without a trace, then he could kill Jimmy this way too!

He could even wipe out Jimmy’s entire clan!

If Jimmy didn’t keep his promise and get him the rest of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual…

Killing others was very easy for Krishan. If he wanted to kill them, he would!

He didn’t care who the other party was!


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