Billionaire God of War Chapter 1795

Chapter 1795

Everyone was selfish and did everything for their own benefit. Nobody wanted to suffer a loss.

Krishan was like that, and so was Jimmy.

They understood what each other meant. They were both wily old foxes, so they could be very cooperative if they wanted to, but if they fell out with one another, then they could be very cruel to one another too!

“Don’t worry,” said Jimmy with a smile. “I will do what I promised you.”

“In fact, there’s some news already.”

Krishan’s eyes narrowed. “You know where the pages are?”

“Yes, there are two more pages, and I’m very certain that they’re both within a Third World family,” said Jimmy with a nod. “One of them is with Warwick’s backer, who’s one of the top powers of the Third World, the Rhode family!”

“And the other page?” Krishan’s eyes turned cold.

“I don’t have confirmation on the other page yet.”

Jimmy looked at Krishan’s gaze and knew that Krishan was going to attempt to steal it from within the Rhode family.

“Mr Drake, I would like to remind you that the Rhodes are not an ordinary family. The aristocratic power they’ve accumulated over the last few centuries should not be underestimated. Even if you could infiltrate them, you might not be able to come out.”

“In fact, you might not even be able to find where they’ve hidden the manual.”

Jimmy didn’t bother being polite.

It was true that Krishan was highly skilled, but which major aristocratic power didn’t have fighters like that?

There were so many fighters who were much more powerful than Krishan.

But of course, these major powers just remained low profile. If you weren’t in a powerful enough position, you would never know how mighty these powers were in the Third World!

“Oh? So formidable?” Krishan didn’t seem bothered.

He did intend to just take it from the family. That was the most direct and efficient method.

But he wasn’t stupid either. An aristocratic power that had managed to stand for a few centuries couldn’t be that simple.

“Hoho, I’m sure you know what to do,” Jimmy didn’t say anymore.

There was no need to. He had already said what he ought to say, and that was kind enough of him.

They were just partners in this deal, and while he needed a powerful fighter like Krishan to help him get some things done, it didn’t mean that he was wholly reliant on Krishan.

Besides, Krishan had succeeded in doing the one thing he wanted the most, which was to throw the Middle East into chaos.

He had other ways to settle the rest.

“I suggest that you continue to follow my method. That way, I can guarantee that I can get you the manual. If you prefer to do things your way, then you’ll have to bear the consequences of doing that yourself.” Jimmy leaned against the sofa and looked very calm.

He wasn’t afraid even in front of a fighter like Krishan.

A tool was a tool, no matter how formidable. He just needed to use the right method to control this tool.

Krishan didn’t say anything and just looked at Jimmy.

Working with someone like this was also a gamble to Krishan.

Since Krishan didn’t respond, Jimmy continued, “If there’s no problem, then continue to follow my plan. You just need to listen to my instructions and I promise that you’ll definitely get what you want.”

He loved the feeling of controlling others.

Especially since the other party was such a powerful one.

“Sure.” Krishan narrowed his eyes and didn’t say more than that.

“We’ll have a good time working together, so don’t worry about it,” said Jimmy with a smile.

He got up and wanted to shake Krishan’s hand, but Krishan ignored his outstretched arm and left.

He didn’t have such a habit.

Jimmy wasn’t angry either. He watched Krishan leave, then sat back down and took a deep puff of the cigar on the side.

A faint fragrance slowly filled the air.


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