Billionaire God of War Chapter 1796

Chapter 1796

“It’s not that easy to escape my control.” Immediately after Jimmy uttered these words, his face suddenly turned red and he started coughing violently.

He cupped his hand over his mouth and his hand was immediately covered with the blood he coughed out and his face instantly turned as white as a sheet.


Jimmy’s heart pounded violently as he opened his mouth and his eyes were filled with rage.

He had been poisoned!

Only Krishan would have done this!

Jimmy was trembling and the smug expression on his face had completely disappeared.

He thought that he had control over Krishan, but now, Krishan had used his actions to tell him that he wasn’t in control of Krishan at all.

On top of that, Jimmy had no idea what poison was in his body right now.

He grabbed his phone. “Doctor! Doctor! Come to my office now! Hurry up!”

Jimmy was going crazy.

He quickly called a doctor over to check his condition.

But even though this was a famous doctor, he couldn’t figure out what poison Jimmy had in his body.

“Send it for testing! Analysis! What poison is this? Will it kill me? How do I get rid of it?!” Jimmy was practically shouting.

He became more and more anxious, and felt a stuffiness in his chest and difficulty in breathing.

“Mr. Toney, this poison is very strange. I can’t find it in your bloodstream at all, so it has probably gone into your bone marrow…”

Jimmy felt his head spin.

Into his bone marrow?

What poison did Krishan feed him?!

“But don’t worry, based on my experience, this poison is not very strong and it will not cause death at the moment…”

Jimmy waved his hands. “Get out!”

Of course he knew that Krishan wouldn’t kill him immediately.

Krishan needed him to obtain the Extreme Fist Technique Manual, so he wouldn’t kill him off now.

“I’ve underestimated you!” Jimmy clenched his teeth.

His expression was threatening.

He didn’t expect Krishan to be so scheming. He had been very careful already, but he didn’t think that Krishan’s use of poison was at such a high level.

No wonder he had been able to kill Warwick so easily!

Jimmy had been too careless.

He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

Krishan wouldn’t kill him so easily. At least Jimmy would stay alive until Krishan got his hands on the pages of the manual.

But it meant that Jimmy had nothing else to use against Krishan.

His breathing slowly calmed down. After going through so much in life, Jimmy was also no ordinary person, and he quickly recalibrated his emotions.

“Continue with our plan!” he gave orders after making a phone call. After hanging up, he closed his eyes and remained seated as he started thinking very carefully about whether there were any more loopholes in his plans.


The warzone in the Middle East had become a complete mess.

Some of the mercenary armies had started to fight each other over simple verbal disagreements.

They just needed a reason to fight. In fact, they didn’t mind fighting for no reason.

There was also some movement within the Merlyn family army.

Malcolm had managed to survive the poisoning attack, so even though he was very weak now, at least he was alive. This was very uplifting news to the rest of the army.

“Everyone is to guard our homeland, and not participate in this fight!” That was Malcolm’s command.

Regardless of what storms were raging out there, the Merlyn family army was going to protect themselves, guard their camp fiercely and not become part of any fight.

Once this news got out, all those who were eyeing the Merlyn family army and wanted to get them involved didn’t know what to do anymore.

“It doesn’t matter who tries to provoke us or what happens out there, guard our home well! Let them go ahead and fight if they want to!”

Malcolm continued to send reminders and insisted that none of his soldiers leave the campsite at all.

It was now the easiest time to turn this campsite into a forbidden territory!


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