Billionaire God of War Chapter 1797

Chapter 1797

Malcolm was now a victim.

He was someone who was sympathized with and protected. If others wanted to attack the Merlyn family army, they needed a proper reason to.

They initially wanted to blame Warwick’s death on Malcolm, but it was impossible to do that now.

Both Warwick and Malcolm were victims, except that Warwick had died while Malcolm barely survived.

The one who survived was most worthy of sympathy.

Ethan was telling Malcolm to play up this pitiful survivor card.

The Merlyn family army was not going out there to fight for power nor more benefits and was just trying to guard what they already had, so nobody would be thick-skinned enough to create trouble for them.

Besides, the Merlyn family army wasn’t an important nor powerful presence in the first place. If Warwick hadn’t paid them a visit, many people might not have bothered about them at all.

For a long period of time, none of the Merlyn family army soldiers left the camp, even though there was a fierce fight just three kilometers away from them.

They continued to remain unmoved even in a storm.

Malcolm was still recuperating, so the entire army was on standby. The soldiers patrolling the outside of the camp exuded nothing but murder.

Anyone who dared to come near was an enemy!

Anyone who tried to hurt their commander-in-chief was an enemy!

They would wipe their enemies out!

A hurt lion was the most terrifying. Everyone in this warzone knew this well.

It was a dumb for anyone to provoke the Merlyn family army now.

The Merlyn family army had also won several battles and were incredibly good at fighting, so their morale was at its highest now, and only an idiot would try to provoke them.

Everyone just watched and waited.

Malcolm just sat in Ethan’s room all day. He couldn’t go out and couldn’t show himself either.

The smell of the medicine and supplements that came in every day was enough to make him puke.

“The commanders want to see you, but I’ve held all of them off,” Jasper shook his head. “They’re very concerned about you, but you can’t show yourself now.”

They had allowed Malcolm to step out once and made him look as pale and weak as possible. He just appeared in front of the commanders for a short while and came back.

Ethan just needed him to go out once so that everyone knew that he was really still alive, but was recuperating from a severe bout of poisoning.

“It’s a really huge mess out there now,” Jasper clicked his tongue. “All the top mercenary armies have gone all out to fight for Holy Sword Mercenary Army’s territory. It’s such a tragedy.”

The Holy Sword Mercenary Army had no leader, and the few commanders under Warwick had their own plans for the army, so they weren’t united at all.

A huge fight was ignited and the entire warzone was now engulfed in an explosive sort of atmosphere.

Some of them didn’t intend to fight, but they had no choice since the fight crossed into their territories.

Some of them had been waiting for a chance to get more resources for themselves.

Once Warwick died, all sorts of people reared their ugly heads.

None of the powers backing these mercenary armies would miss this chance to reallocate the resources here.

Only the Merlyn family army refused to participate.

A few challengers would come and provoke them from time to time, but they were all fiercely defeated by the Merlyn family army quickly.

The prowess of the Merlyn family army was really shocking.

The ordinary soldiers were already more disciplined than others in terms of their physical and mental states. But there was also a batch of special soldiers who were ridiculously powerful too!

Nobody could hold up against them once they attacked!


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