Billionaire God of War Chapter 1798

Chapter 1798

After several small battles outside the campsite, the Merlyn family army camp was finally quiet.

The bigger mercenary armies weren’t so stupid as to waste their resources on fighting the Merlyn family army either.

No matter how bad the storm was outside, the Merlyn family army camp remained quiet and at peace.

“Since the order has been messed up, all the backers of these armies will not let go of this chance to fight for more.” Ethan was very nonchalant about this since it wasn’t the first time this was happening. Warwick himself got to his position also because Ethan had messed up this place the last time. “What we need to do now is to take this opportunity to make sure that everyone knows that the Merlyn family army camp and its people are a forbidden territory.”

With such a reputation in place, it would be easier on them in the future.

The environment had to be stable before Malcolm could focus his energies on the mine.

This was a very important step to Palmer Group’s expansion.

Most people would think that Ethan was crazy for continuing to think about his business under such messy circumstances, but all of this was completely within Ethan’s control.

What he needed to do was to make sure that nobody made trouble for the Merlyn family army while still maintaining their control over this area.

Even if they only had 3,000 soldiers, they were going to become a force to be reckoned with.

“According to our current situation, that’s not a problem,” said Malcolm. “As long as our country needs us to start mining, we can start immediately.”

His camp was sitting on the source of the raw material for Palmer Group’s up and coming integrated circuit, so it was a very important place.

He had to fight in order to secure his position here.

Even if he only had 3,000 soldiers, as long as he could turn this place into a forbidden territory that nobody could penetrate, then nobody would dare to provoke them for no reason.

The Third World powers were all very intelligent, so picking their fights was part of business too.

Business was all about profiting. Nobody would want to suffer losses for no reason.

“But…” Malcolm was a little worried. “Once they’re done fighting and they’ve stabilized the order again, I’m afraid they’ll still target us.”

It wasn’t just for territory in this warzone, but because of Palmer Group.

Warwick’s death was sudden and shocking, but it was obvious that someone had been eyeing them all this while. And the ones eyeing them were definitely Palmer Group’s competitors.

Since they even dared to kill Warwick, they were probably prepared to launch other attacks.

At the moment, all the Third World powers were busy fighting for more resources, so they wouldn’t come knocking on the Merlyn family army’s door now and waste resources.

But what would happen once the fighting was over?

All those keeping an eye on Palmer Group in secret were definitely eyeing this silica mine too.

“I’m hoping that they’ll attack, actually,” said Ethan calmly. “I’ll leave one person here for you.”

Malcolm froze and the first thing that came to mind was how the soldiers next to him had been shot dead when Ethan rescued him from Halen’s men.

He could still feel the warm blood of those soldiers on his face.

It was that mysterious sniper!

“He will protect you in the darkness until all those people who want to attack the Merlyn family army behave themselves,” said Ethan.

Malcolm gulped.

He still didn’t know who that person was, where he was hiding and what identity he had.

He was mysterious, and scarily powerful!

With that sort of fighter protecting him in the darkness and supporting the Merlyn family army, he had nothing to be afraid of.

“There’s only one problem with this guy,” laughed Ethan as he looked at Malcolm. “He only kills commanders-in-chief!”

Malcolm felt his head spin, and it was suddenly filled with a strange thought. He suddenly wished that all the commanders-in-chief of the major armies would come and make trouble for him…


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