Billionaire God of War Chapter 1799

Chapter 1799

No matter what storm was brewing out there, it had nothing to do with the Merlyn family army nor Malcolm.

Anyone who dared to make trouble here was dead meat!

“The situation here is tense, but your army will remain peaceful. It’ll be good if someone comes knocking on your door, then you can make an example out of them and show others what you’re made of,” said Ethan. “I’ll leave these fellows here.”

He pointed to Brother Geoff and the wolves.

Malcolm was thrilled to hear this.

Besides that mysterious super sniper, the wolves would be here too. He didn’t need to fear anything.

“Then Mr. Hunt…”

“I’m going to do some business discussions,” said Ethan. “Since the mining part is settled, Palmer Group can start on their next move.”

He had to follow the rules of the corporate world to engage the corporate world. He followed the rules of the circles in which he had to operate. This was Ethan’s principle.

Moreover, the one controlling the direction was Diane.

Malcolm was in control of this area, so there was no problem with the mining, refining and shipping process.

In terms of safety, the wolves were staying here along with Winston in the shadows, as well as these 3,000 soldiers who were guarding their homeland with their lives. This was a perfect arrangement.

Being calm in the midst of a storm was something that nobody else would have dared to dream about.

And now, Ethan was going to push Palmer Group into the Third World!

He didn’t stay any longer and didn’t leave many instructions behind. He left everything to Malcolm to handle and quietly left the region.

No matter how crazy the storm became, as long as the Merlyn family army was here, he didn’t need to be here anymore.

If something still went wrong, then it meant that he had chosen the wrong guy for this job in the first place.


When Ethan returned to Greencliff, Diane wasn’t at home.

Since Ethan wasn’t at home during this time, Diane didn’t think it made a difference whether she went home or not. She had to work either way.

The research and development of a new integrated circuit was progressing well.

Charley and his team had plenty of experience in this field, and it was proving very useful now.

According to their plan, they were going to start with a prototype first. Once the prototype proved successful, they would go through multiple testing and use the data to finally create the actual integrated circuit, and they had to succeed on their first try.

Diane knew that many people had their eye on Palmer Group, especially those from Silicon Valley.

Palmer Group now represented China’s integrated circuit R&D industry, even though their lab was newly formed.

If they failed, then that would be a big blow to the morale of the local IC industry.

And everyone overseas would laugh at them.

Diane didn’t want things to turn out like that.

She supported the lab to the maximum she could.

Funding, space, facilities, extremely rare equipment – she had paid a lot of money in order to get all these things in for her team via Durham Group.

If all this effort still resulted in failure, not only would Diane be disappointed, but Charley and his team would also feel guilty towards Ethan and Diane.

“Professor Babbage, if you need anything, just let me know. Palmer Group will do our best to support you. There’s no limit on the amount of funding we’re putting into this.”

This was not the first time Diane was saying this.

Her determination helped Charley and his team feel more confident.

“Diane, to be honest with you, more than a decade ago, all of us wanted to create an integrated circuit our country could call their own.”

“But at that time, even though we were filled with great motivation, the environment locally was…really difficult.”

Charley sighed and shook his head. “Back then, your skills and talent weren’t important. It was more important to butter up the right people and learn to entertain them. Otherwise, none of the government officials would even approve of your research.”

When he started talking about these things, he started to get angry.


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